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Mark S. Luer, Pharm.D. page 14

Drug-Cytokine Interaction: IL-6 Impact on BBB Transport. Principal Investigator, July 1999 to present. {Sponsor: American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Bristol-Myers Squibb CNS Research Award 1999}.

Acute Phase Response and BBB P-gp Function. Principal Investigator, 1998 to present. {Sponsor: UAMS Medical Research Endowment Fund 1998}

Age-related Changes in BBB P-Glycoprotein Function. Principal Investigator, 1998 to present. {Sponsors: National Institutes of Health (RO3) & American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy New Investigators Program 1998}

Competitive Inhibition of Gabapentin Brain Uptake in the Rat. Principal Investigator, 1997 to present. {Sponsor: American College of Clinical Pharmacy; Bristol Myers Squibb CNS Research Award 1997}

Anticonvulsant Activity of System-L Inhibition. Principal Investigator, 1997 to present. {Sponsor: Epilepsy Foundation of America, Junior Investigator Research Grant 1997-1998}

CNS Pharmacokinetics of Continuous Infusion Versus Intermittent Dosing of Vancomycin in the Rat. Principal Investigator, 1995 to 1998.

Stability of Fosphenytoin in Common Intravenous Fluid Admixtures and Containers. Principal Investigator, 1996. {Sponsor: Parke-Davis}

Dose-dependent System-L Function in the Blood-Brain Barrier of the Rat. A Microdialysis Study. Principal Investigator, 1995 to 1996. {Sponsor: University of Illinois at Chicago, Campus Research Board}

Effects of Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) Actions on Experimental Brain Edema in the Rat. Co- Investigator, 1995 to 1996

Variance of Syringe Dosing using Technetium-99m: A Pilot Study. St. Louis College of Pharmacy and The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis; Principal Investigator, 1990.


Evaluation of cGMP Dependent Alterations in Cerebral Blood Flow in Alzheimer’s Disease. Principal Investigator, January 2002 – June 2004. {Sponsor: NIH - UAMS Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Core (ADCC) Dementia Pilot Research Program}

Safety and Efficacy of Gabitril (tiagabine HCl) as Adjunctive Treatment to Non-Hepatic Enzyme Inducing Antiepileptic Drugs. Co-Investigator, 1997 to 1998. {Sponsor: Abbott}

Pharmacokinetics and Antibacterial Efficacy of Rifabutin in Cerebrospinal Fluid. Principal Investigator, 1994 to 1996. {Sponsor: Pharmacia}

A Double-blind, Randomized Parallel-Group, Single-dose, Multicenter, Safety, Tolerance, and Pharmacokinetic Study of Intravenous Fosphenytoin (Cerebyx®) Versus Intravenous Dilantin® in Patients Requiring a Loading Dose of Phenytoin. Co-investigator, 1995. {Sponsor: Parke-Davis}

Transcranial Cerebral Oximetry Monitoring of Regional Oxygen Saturation during Neuroendovascular Procedures. Co-Investigator, 1993 to 1994.

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