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Mar 94-Nov 94

- Project Engineer, ATSER Eng'g Company, Houston TEXAS USA. Design, consulting, and inspection of many residential and industrial projects. Studies included site investigations, trenching, foundations, slope stability retaining walls etc... with complete geotech reports.

,, - Manager of Software Development Group, ATSER. computer software for engineering and other applications

Development of


Mar 92

- Pressuremeter testing with Briaud Engineers, 80m. underground at the Superconducting Super-Collider project in Waxahachie, Texas.

Jun 87-Aug 88

- Construction management with Entreprise E.Acar, General Contractors.

Consulting & Execution (cont’d)

Research & Continuing Education

Mar 97-todate

  • -

    Applied research with IGM research Division.

Monitoring data,

Development of ISST, Supervision of Academic and LAU. Full scale testing on actual projects like

research projects at “Micropiles in rock”

UL and

June, 2007

“Behavior of Anchors

  • -

    Attendee & Speaker

under Dynamic Loads”. at First North American




Nov, 2006

Sept. 2005

Colorado, USA, June 4-8, 2007

  • -

    Workshop on PLAXIS Finite Element software for Soil

Mechanics, BAT Concept at Grand Gabriel Hotel, Adonis, 2006

  • -

    Attendee & Speaker at Tenth Multidisciplinary Conference on

& Rock


May 2004

May 2004

April 2004

May 2002

and the Engineering and Environmental Impact of Karst TM, San Texas USA, Sept. 24-28, 2005

  • -

    Workshop on PLAXIS Finite Element software for Soil


& Rock


  • -


Lebanese Order of Engineers, Beirut, 2004 and Exhibitor at GeoBeirut, Int’l Conference



Engineering, Beirut, May19-22, 2004

  • -

    Attendee of the Vth Int’l Conference on

Engineering, New York, April 13-17, 2004

  • -

    Attendee, Presenter & Publisher at

Case Histories in Geotechnical

JLG Journee Libanaise de

Aug 2001

Nov. 2000

Jan 94

Geotechnique, Lebanese University, Roumieh, May 8, 2002

  • -

    Attendee of the XVth Int’l Conference on Soil Mechanics &


Engineering, Istanbul, Aug 27-31, 2001

  • -

    Committee Member, Lebanese Order of






guidelines for geotechnical requirements in Lebanon

  • -

    Research Project Manager, Texas A&M University.




on five full

scale footings on

sand at

the Texas A&M

National Geotech

Sites. This

work was part

of the

“Settlement 94”

ASCE Specialty

June 92-Dec 93

Conference in College Station, Texas, June 16, 1994

  • -

    Research Assistant, Ph.D. with Dr. J.L.Briaud, Texas A&M

Development of a non-destructive test LATWAK, to predict

University. the lateral

Sep 93

May 93

July 92

stiffness of piles.

  • -

    LATWAK Tests and Lateral Static Load Tests on 4 full scale

conc. drilled piles) at the Texas A&M National Geotech Sites.

  • -

    LATWAK Tests and Lateral Static Load Tests on 8 full

(concrete filled steel pipes) in Edmonton, Canada.

  • -

    LATWAK Tests and Lateral Static Load Tests on 10 full

(concrete, steel, & timber) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

piles (reinf.

scale piles

scale piles

Jan 92

- Meeting, session 174, January 13, 1992. S p e a k e r a t t h e T r a n s p o r t a t i o n R e s e a r c h B o a r d , T R B , 7 1



Nov 90-Aug 91

Jan 89-May 91

  • -

    Research Assistant, Texas A&M University. Construction, and static and

dynamic testing of 9 drilled concrete piles at the Texas A&M National Geotech Sites.

  • -

    Research Assistant, M.Sc. Texas A&M University. New computational

method to design trench supports.


Since Sept 94 Since 1996 June 2006 Aug 94 Since Mar 93 Since Feb 93 Since Jan 92 Jan 91-Jan 93 1976 - present March 86

Member of Lebanese Order of Engineers & Architects Jury at the Lebanese University, Civil Engineering graduating project Jury at the AUST , Engineering Final Projects (Beirut Lebanon) Recipient of ATSER Technical Achievement Award (Houston TX) Member of Phi Kappa Phi, φΚφ , Honor Society Member of A.S.C.E. American Society of Civil Engineers Member of ALPA, Associat. of Lebanese Professionals in America Geotech Graduate Student Representative at Texas A&M University Military training and Member of Lebanese Forces (Christian Party) First Aid training with the Lebanese Red Cross

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