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and violence, in which everyone’s rights are realized and where diverse cultures and creativities are cherished and nurtured, as is the environment that sustains us.

Towards this end we call for efforts to continue and sustain transnational dialogues between and among women. These forums enable us to share and learn and build alliances that can help us to take both immediate actions on specific concerns as well as to take the first steps towards crafting longer-term strategies to bring peace and justice to our world. We believe that women in the United States must continue to have opportunities to hear from and learn from their sisters in other parts of the world, so that they can better understand the impact of their government and the corporate actors based in this country. Similarly, women from other countries need to be able to count on U.S.-based groups and movements to actively resist the imperial policies and practices of the United States.

Our goal is to strengthen the connections between and among women activists, such as those represented at this meeting. Such expanded linkages would enable women to mobilize and transform their local or regional initiatives into broader and more visible platforms for social change, and to take the first steps towards organizing a vibrant and visible transnational women’s resistance movement to current U.S. domestic and foreign policy. As this discourse deepens, it will yield more strategic interventions that truly transcend the barriers between women of the Global North and those of the Global South.

Members of the Planning Committee: Maha Abu-Dayyeh Shamas, Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling, Palestine. Christine Ahn, Women of Color Resource Center, U.S.A. Monica Alemán, MADRE, U.S.A. Charlotte Bunch, Center for Women’s Global Leadership, U.S.A. Linda Burnham, Women of Color Resource Center, U.S.A. Mirna Cunningham, Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Autonomy and Development, Nicaragua. Asha Khalil Abdalla Elkarib, ACCORD International, Sudan. Terry Greenblatt, Global Fund for Women, U.S.A. Sonali Mohapatra, Network for Asian Pacific Youth, India.

Margo Okazawa-Rey, East Asia-U.S.-Puerto Rico Women's Network against Militarism and

Fielding University, U.S.A. Kavita Ramdas, Global Fund for Women, U.S.A. Julia Sudbury, Mills College, U.S.A. Jurema Werneck, Criola, Brazil.

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