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is now coming to an end. The signs of this decline are manifest primarily in American foreign policy but also in the declining value of the dollar and the failure of the financial organizations in their housing ventures leading to their bankruptcy. Regardless of which alternative is right, it would be appropriate here for me to clarify a few points from the viewpoint of Iranian national interests:

1 - Although the above-mentioned report is mistaken on some points, such as the claim that, up until 2003, Iran had been after acquiring nuclear weapons, it does demonstrate the honesty of Iranian officials in the statements they have made about Iran's nuclear dossier over recent years. Those who are involved in diplomatic negotiations; those who have taken part in international conferences on the Middle East, the security of energy and policies among nations; those who are familiar with the international media and press; and all the people of Iran, they all know what heavy pressures were brought to bear on Iran both politically, through the media and psychologically by America and the powerful Israeli lobbies in this country and all over the world because of this affair. They claimed Iran was after acquiring nuclear weapons and the films, clips, articles, reports and advertisements they produced and published in their media to try to convince people that an Iran with nuclear weapons would mean the end of the world. Moreover, what extreme measures the authorities of Western countries took in their condemnation of Iran. At least now, we see that those who made the most noise in this regard are the ones who now admit that Iran was not pursuing this project.

2 - This report vindicates Iran's stance [in this matter] and at the same time, it renders the propaganda of the ruling administration in Washington and Tel Aviv for an attack on Iran completely ineffective. America's spurious reasons for planning a possible attack on Iran are no longer justifiable for many countries. If Iran can now explain its peaceful nuclear programme to the world through both diplomatic channels and the media, and remove the concerns, it seems the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard will achieve complete success.

3 - This success for Iran will not stop the permanent member states of the [United Nations] Security Council, along with Germany, from continuing to look into Iran's nuclear dossier and from reintroducing it to the Security Council. The evidence suggests that America has made the other countries go along with it in formulating another Security Council resolution. In addition to holding talks with Russia and China, Iranian diplomacy may now find it to be in its interests to negotiate with Europe. In my opinion, in the balance between America [on the one side] and the Russia and China grouping [on the other], it will eventually be Europe which can tip the scales in favour of one side. Although this task may be difficult, it is not impossible.

4 - There is no doubt that America's power is on the decline. However, two questions remain. The first is will America lose its power completely before it can damage Iran? Consequently, the problem becomes not whether America's power is on the wane, but how in this period - which will probably coincide with a period of illogical behaviour from Washington's decision-makers - Iran's interests cannot only be preserved but extended to their fullest in the region. In addition, the second question is: Will the end of the period known as the American dream coincide with the appearance of a new mono-polar power or with the creation of new centres based on medium powers in the world? Is Iran prepared for such a period? Have we prepared scenarios for creating relations with other blocks in a multi-polar environment?

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