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5 - America is no longer at the height of its power and one can cite many examples of the economic, financial, military and political kind to demonstrate that this country has suffered successive defeats. However, one must not forget that this country has normal relations with the majority of countries [in the world], normal relations in the sense that while it has diplomatic and consular relations with them, it has dissimilar points of view and differences with them. I emphasise that America has normal relations with nearly 200 governments but this does not mean that its behaviour towards various nations is positive. The American government does not only have serious problems with North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and Iran [alone]. This is an important issue because we must realise that one cannot go to war with such a power with only this number of friends and partners. It is here that the role of diplomacy becomes most important, for in order to oppose America's one-sided domination, the countries opposing this domination need more friends. The current number for changing the unjust system of the world as it exists today, where America's interests take precedence, do not seem to be enough.

Source: E'temad-e Melli, Tehran, in Persian 05 Dec 07

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