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without fear of contradiction, that most activities revolve around drink, which is easily and plentifully available. We were with four friends who took the resort course. Not once in class, nor during any briefing that we heard was the rule that once one starts drinking, diving is over for the day stated.

Fun Divers, Wyndham Rose Hall (Montego Bay), February 2000, Mark Strobel, Orono, MN. Vis: 60 to 70 feet. Dive your own profile: no. Fun Divers competent, very flexible with times, changes, etc. Allowed me and another experienced diver to use our computers and come up when we pleased. Not a lot to see, but a relaxed, pleasant experience, nonetheless. Wyndham has improved a lot since we last visited five years ago. New water park a big hit with kids.

Couples, Negril, June 2000, Edward F.V. Pietrowski (aqualovers@mindspring,com, Scranton, PA. Vis: 80-100 ft. Water: 78-80 degrees. Dive restrictions: 90 ft. and with divemaster.


On one trip to Cozumel, John Q. did a pirouette on the deck of the dive boat and counted 28 other dive boats. . . . Once visited mainly by divers, cruise ships now regularly disgorge great packs of shoppers who descend on the flashy night clubs, restaurants and bars galore, and sidewalk hustlers hawking condos, serapes that are

questionable bargains, and little plaster statues of guys wearing big hats leaning on saguaro cactuses. . . . Spectacular dives do exist, but many operators are reluctant to visit these sites, especially if the divers aboard have mixed experience levels, and rightfully so, because much of Cozumel’s diving (especially the advanced sites like Punta Sur Two, Tunich, and Barracuda) is deep or fast- current drift dives. Beginning divers should select other destinations. . . . Carry surface- signaling devices for both day and night (strobe, safety sausage, etc. ) and stay with your dive guide or group. . . . Dive operators vary widely in quality and safety. . . . The best diving is in spring and summer; it can be rainy during the fall (hurricane season) and winter. There’s better diving on the western side toward the southern end of Cozumel, with the eastern side generally unsafe to dive. Best dives include Palancar, Santa Rosa, Maracaibo, Punta Sur, and Colombia reefs. . . . Expect water temperatures in low- to mid- 80s. Visibility is consistently the best in Caribbean. . . . Cozumel is one of the biggest travel bargains, with accommodations ranging from the inexpensive downtown hotel Bahia, to diver hangouts La Ceiba and the Galapago Inn, to higher-dollar hotels like El Presidente or Sol Caribe. . . . And, almost like having a new Caribbean dive destination, the immense

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