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across current for about 100 yards causing most of the divers to consume large amounts of air and causing them to ascend before they should have. This made for a short dive for some. Divemaster Elvis is a 10 in my book.

Club Divers, Club Cozumel Cariba, June 2000, Kathy Eisner, Highlands, NJ. Vis: 60-100 ft. Water: 80-85 degrees. Hotel: nice, all-inclusive but no phones, no radios, and no T.V. other than one off the lobby. Beds were comfortable, rooms clean and we had hot water but heard other guests complaining that they did not. Food and drinks were included but the food was not that good with the exception of breakfast which was great. Hotel’s public bathrooms were repulsive. I have been to Cozumel 6 times and have never seen a worse run dive operation! The man that ran it, Steve, was arrogant and borderline rude. The other man was badly crippled with the bends but he hadn’t lost his manners. The boat was old and very slow and was crammed with 30+ divers a day. Every morning Steve tried to talk people into changing to the afternoon dive that rarely returned before 6 pm We were broken into 3 groups but experience made no difference as to which group they put you into. Dive masters were horrible! We were always rushed back into water after 30 minutes and never allowed 1 hour between dives. My dive buddy and I and another couple got lost from group and left behind 3 times because divemaster went so fast. He never stopped to look at anything and forget about pointing out critters! Another

time 2 people in group (including divemaster) computers went red. Although mine did not, I still got a mild case of the bends and had to spend 10 hours in the chamber! Another day the boat started to leave with 1 diver still in water doing safety stop. Club Divers gets a big thumbs down! (800-327-2254, +52 9872- 0065; Fax +52 9872-0288)

Deep Blue Dive Company,August 2000, Robert Myers (robryan@erols.com), Takoma Park, MD. Vis: 40 to 80 Feet. Water: 81 to 85 F, choppy currents. Great for advanced divers (We made 25 dives in the 9 days of diving. Gabriel knew where to find marine life and did his best to accom- modate requests from divers. Tried to make up groups with similar levels of competence. If they must include inexperienced divers in the dive party, the divemaster did a good job of managing the differences in buoyancy control, air consumption and bottom time. Experienced divers did not have to baby-sit beginner divers. The Owners Deborah and Matt helped us have the diving experience we wanted

  • i.e., arranged cenote dives with the

best company, planned an itinerary with us for the southern advanced dives, helped us manage the gear storage (we did not have to lug it back and forth to our hotel each day), anticipated needs like using their VCR, giving us an early ride to boat pier. Owner worked hard to accommo- date our requests for a particular divemaster and itinerary while balancing the needs of their staff and other clients. It was disconcerting to

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