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Dive Paradise, Fiesta Americana/ Barracuda, July 1999/March 2000, Jason Dunlap, Kansas City, MO. Vis: 75 to 100 ft. Water: 75 to 80 degrees, strong currents. Dive your own profile: yes. Dive restrictions: none. How dangerous the currents at Cozumel can be. (Ph: 011-52-987- 21007, Fax: 011-52-987-25161, e-mail: appledp@cozumel.czm.com.mx, Website: www.dparadise.com)

Dive Paradise, Plaza Los Glorias, August 1999, Rick Cavanaugh (rickcavanaugh@earthlink.net), Ellicott City, MD. Water: 80-82 degrees. Sunny, Dive restrictions: 80 foot max. Could not dive own profile. Very limiting. The hotel was at one time very nice. They need updates and repairs. Still one of the better hotels. Paradise boats are slow and not comfortable. The divemasters were not very good. They dove off the reef and then tried to fight the current to get back to the reef. That was not easy. I would recommend diving with an outfit that has ‘fast boats’ with only a few divers. Cozumel’s cheap prices appeal to the beginning and infrequent divers. We dove with several individu- als who should have had their c cards revoked. With the fast boats you deal with fewer people. Paradise would only dive the close sites due to their boats being slow. We tried to get to the more remote and less dived sites and they would not take us. The locals are getting much more aggressive trying to get you into their stores or restau- rants. It is worse when the cruise ships come in. Cozumel does not have the Caribbean feel but it has the high-

pressure-lets-make-a-deal feel of Mexico.

Dive Paradise, Plaza Las Glorias, December 1999, Charles Nash, Bakersville, NC. Vis: 70-100 ft. Water: 80-82 degrees. Dive restric- tions: don’t drown. Experienced dive program is as good as it gets. Small fast boats with 6 divers. The divemas- ters were outstanding in knowledge of deep complicated dives. Devil’s Throat was memorable. During a surface interval a 10' manta came up to the boat. I saw a giant seahorse, two splendid toadfish, two nurse sharks on one dive.

Dive Paradise. Plaza Las Glorias, February 2000, Karen Sepko (porsche1st@aol.com), Holland, OH. Vis: 80-100 ft. Water: 80 degrees. Great trip! We made arrange- ments through Bay Adventures ( competitive hotel/dive pricing and use of charter airlines...keeping the overall travel package the lowest I was able to find; $799 hotel/dive and $485 air charter from Detroit to Cozumel. Our plane was 5 hours late taking off, however, we did get into town soon enough to take a check-out dive at the Plaza Las Glorias. Aqua Safari is the on-site dive operation at the Plaza Las Glorias and they charged $5.00 for a small 60 AL tank. We dove 5 days (two-tank dives) with Dive Paradise and we hired our own divemaster, Nacho Sandoval, who was excellent! Nacho helped my husband with his buoyancy control and reviewed basic skills. All that really made my husband( and myself) feel comfortable and confident for his first ocean dive.

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