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the Plaza Las Glorias (6:00 — 7:00 pm) and had $1.20 Sol Beers — 50% off!....and — grouper with garlic sauce ($80 for 4)! One day, we rented ATV’s and went on the wild tours ($96 for two on one ATV) to the north east part of the non-populated jungle, interest- ing trip but very dusty. Silver was a great deal, rings for $14, bracelets for $20. I learned the Mexican silver is approximately $1.00 per gram, Italian silver is $1.50 per gram. stores all charge different rates ($1.00 — $2.50 per gram Mexican silver) depending upon the work involved in the piece.

dock waiting for late boats, 7 hours wasted on slow boats in 5 days of diving 3 tanks/day (2 a.m. 1 p.m.) Diving severely limited by depth and time, averaged on board with 1300 psi, leave your computer at home (conservative square profiles). Worst boat fleet I have ever experienced slowwww, bad exit, entry. On one they could not stop the engine so the propeller turned at 60-100 rpm while picking up and dropping off divers. One diver was hit by propeller when captain turned stern of boat into diver. Luckily only minor cut on leg.

Dive Paradise, Villa Blanca, February 2000, Ken Bailey, (kbailey@mcn.org) Gualala, CA. Vis: 100 to 200 feet: Water: 78 to 80 degrees, calm and flat, moderate currents. Dive your own profile. Dive restrictions: 120 max. Fifth trip to Cozumel. It’s getting crowded and with that goes the “I can leave my stuff lying anywhere and it will be ok” attitude, replaced with “let’s lock everything up and hope to get a taxi to town before the next cruise ship lands.” Still a nice winter getaway, but I’m looking around.

Dive Paradise, Costa Club, March 2000, Richard Lehach (lehachrw@hotmail.com), Larch- mont, NY. Vis: 70-120 ft. Water: 76- 77 degrees. Dive restrictions enforced: time and depth. Costa Club formerly Fiesta Inn was a good quality resort property. Room not perfect but well maintained. Walking distance to town. Dive Paradise is worst operator I have experienced in the last 5 years (more than 450 dives). Wasted 8 hours on the

Dive Paradise, March 2000, John Flick Thornton, CO. Vis: 50 to 75 Feet. Water: 77 to 78 F, currents. Dive restrictions: deep dives 80 ft.; other dives 60 ft. We were informed by the divemaster that if we went below him or in front of him, we would not receive any help if we ran into trouble. Dive Paradise abandoned 3 of us in strong currents. Their divemaster went ahead with the rest of the group and was out of sight before we reached the bottom. Their divemaster remarked after the dive that he “didn’t know who all was in his group so he left”. Dive Paradise left 14 divers underwa- ter at a dive site and had their boat drop off one of the girlfriends of their staff at a hotel. For 10 minutes we had no surface support available (had an emergency occurred). Dive Paradise would not allow us to dive our computers. The forced a max limit of 38 minutes on each dive. Their briefings consisted of “60 feet for 38 minutes. If you get below me or in front of me, and run into trouble, I will

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