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not help you.” When people wanted to go to the hotel rather than do the 3rd dive, they would not take them there. In one instance several members of the party had to walk 1/4 mile carrying dive gear to get to the road and catch a taxi. Dive Paradise does not care about customer service. They are a high risk operation. Costa Club (formerly Fiesta Inn) was the same as always — reliable, friendly, clean. No hesitation in recommending them.

Dive Paradise, Isla Mar Vacation Villas, May 2000, James Norvell (jameslynette@man.com), Fairview, TX. Vis: 75 to 125 Feet. Water: 78 to 85 F, calm no currents. Depth and bottom time controlled by divemaster on board. Isla Mar vacation villas are a fine place to stay. Staff is very helpful, the rooms are just great and cleaned daily. It is a short walk to the square and many good eating places. Dive Paradise will pick you up a almost any hotel dock south of the square. Our divemaster “Nester” is one of the best and safest have ever been in the water with. Dive Paradise has a first class operation. Our rooms were well priced and the diving was the best. Lots of help finding good subject matter was provided by my divemaster.

Dive Paradise, Iberostar Hotel Cozumel, June 2000, Warren Sprung, (wcgb@wt.net), Houston, TX.. Vis: 75 to 125 Feet. Water: 82 to 84 F, calm choppy. 9th trip to Cozumel for my wife and me since starting diving in 1987. There were newly certified divers in our group as well as very experienced ones. Didn’t

pay much attention to photography this trip, I was looking after newbies. Dive Paradise turned out to be the best dive operator in all those years and dives all over the Caribbean, Red Sea, Palau, Yap, etc., even more accommo- dating and tuned into the divers than Peter Hughes on 3 of his boats we’ve done! Owned by Rene Applegate (“Apple” to everyone), this op. was truly there for us. The Iberostar is a lovely resort, but too far from town and very expensive by cab. Their dive operation (what we saw of it each morning as we walked out to meet our boat) consisted of a cattle car operation and some young European woman working behind the counter who was constantly snapping nasty remarks to clients and employees alike.

Dive Paradise/Dive with Martin, Presidente, June 2000, Ted Shieh, Chicago, IL. Vis: 60-100 ft. Water: 80-82 degrees. Dive restrictions: depth and time. Presidente is a pleasant place with excellent service and all the necessities. Dive ops pick us up at our dock at the Presdiente so minimal equipment schlepping is needed. Rinse tub at Presidente and shower near the pier made this land- based dive trip doable. Dove two days with Dive Paradise’s fast boat; which cost “extra.” Divemasters were excellent and one promised a sea horse on a particular dive and found it, eager to please and with the boat limited to 6, camera didn’t get in anyone’s way. Dove another two days with Dive with Martin. Better bargain (if you don’t have a group to pay for “extra”). All boats are fast and

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