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the DM offered no help. The DM left us in the ocean (on a drift dive!) and continued with the three other divers. Just before inflating my safety sausage I saw another group from our boat going by and we joined them. The DM pointed out nothing. On the second dive my wife and son did not go because they were too cold and angry. I came up with more than half a tank of air. Aqua World was unable to find a manager when we returned to the dock and never returned a call when we tried to call to complain.

Scuba Cancun, November 1999. A. F. Graf, San Antonio TX. Vis: 40-50 ft. Water: 78 degrees. Luckily I used my own equipment. Rental equipment in sad condition. Dive boat clean but rundown. Very good staff used equipment to the best of their ability. Tank filled to 2900 #HL 80s. I would not recommend the operation. Reefs in very good condition considering their usage. (Ph: 011-529-8831011)

Scuba Cancun, Club Med Cancun, February 2000, Beth Carey (betty@slack.net), NY, NY. Vis: 50 to 100 Feet. Water: 80s. choppy. Light to moderate currents, sunny. Restric- tions: Group dive, surface as a group even if I have lots of air left. Scuba Cancun is the only dive op that Club Med guests can book through the CM excursion office. DM Briana is a really nice woman to dive with, I would go back just to see her. Other divers were nice civilized people. (an appeal of these dives was getting away from the loud resort. ) 1 hr. boat ride to sites. Overall these dives were

much better than I’d expected re: marine life. 1st dive at “NoName. ” Viz. 50'-75'. Moderate current, had to hold onto descent line to pull myself down but it wasn’t a problem. We sat/ kneeled on the sandy bottom in light current w/ our hands tucked under our arms while instructor Stephano fed the local nurse sharks. I touched one as it passed. It was great fun. Then over reef we saw the local large green moray and lots of average fish life. A very nice dive. They were a little over- safe with an hour plus surface interval between dives though our computers said it was OK to dive. They also made sure each person individually was OK at every stage. 2nd dive at “Arestos. “ Viz. 75'-100'. Huge, concentrated schools of fish, nice colorful corals and tunnels through which I followed the DM. The reef was not as expansive as Coz or Belize so maybe that’s why all the fishes were crowded. I was able to spend most of this dive swimming amid these schools and I was happy as a clam for a long time afterwards. Club Med Cancun — the most fun I had was getting off the resort to dive. The snorkeling area at CM, which they call a reef, is damaged and has few fish. It’s impressive to people who do not dive. The Club Med compound is loud, with constant almost annoying activities and cheerleader-like social directors, somewhat frathouse-like. I felt like I was in the 1960s British TV show “The Prisoner,” it has an air of artificiality, surrounded by the crass over-development of the Cancun Zona Hoteleria. CM is not handicapped- accessible though they say they are.

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