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air. Spoke with Pepe, and had no further problems. Overall diving, experience was very good. We would return to the Coral Princess and to Pepe’s. I have seen an increase in the “ugly” American tourist that has little or no respect and knowledge of another culture. (Nohemi Lomas Claudio, Zona Hotelera Norte, Km 2.5, Cozumel, Cozumel, Mexico; Telephone 800-253-3702 or +52 987- 2-3200; Fax +52 987-2-2800)

Plaza Las Glorias, December 1999. Orlando Blake, Fountain Valley, CA. Vis: 90-150 ft. Water: 80-86 degrees. Dive restrictions enforced: Follow divemaster. The resort was well managed! The rooms were attended daily! Divemaster was very friendly and safe. Fantastic for photography! (800-433-0885, +52 9872-2000; Fax +52 9872-1937)

Ricardo Madrigal, Careyotos, February 2000, Mark Berger, San Diego, CA. Vis: 100 to 200 ft. Water: 78 to 81, strong currents. Dive your own profile, come up with 500 psi. This is a small operation that is the best in Cozumel. They give excellent dive briefings and carefully watch you during each dive. But it is as if the divemasters are not there. They point out sea life but not bother you. The divemasters help you with becoming a better diver through coaching you on your air consumption. The dive profile is stay down as long as you can and come up with 500 psi. I frequently get dives more than 100 feet and times of 70-75 minutes. You dive your com- puter and make a safety stop with

twice the bottom time of anyone else in Cozumel.

Sand Dollar Sports, Reef Club, February 2000, Ernie and Marge Karalis, Algonac, MI. Vis: 100-150 ft. Water: 78-80 degrees. Dive restrictions enforced: 90 ft. max. depth. Surface when 700 psi reached with your buddy. Second trip to Cozumel in two years. South end closer to the reefs. 5-20 minute boat ride to all locations. Absolutely fabulous. Sand Dollar Sports is an excellent operation. We did 16 dives in 10 days. They separated you according to your skill level. Never more than six divers with any dive- master. Five different boats. The largest held 20 divers. Never had more than 10 divers. Two divemasters took five divers each. More experienced in first. Then second group in five minutes later. Goevany and Rafael gave wonderful dive briefings. You and your buddy were allowed to explore, keeping divemaster in site. Palancar caves and gardens were fantastic. Saw reef shark, two hawks- bill turtles. A first for us. Another group saw 12 ft. hammerhead at Punta Tunich. A wild ride if you like flying in a three-knot current at 70! Sand Dollar has videographer in house. Purchased our first dive movie starring us. They are just 50 yds. north of the Reef Club. Package dives $50 per person per day, two dives. 80-90 ft. on the first and 60 ft. for the second dive. Had rinse bucket for masks and cameras and a cooler of water. No pop or snacks but everything else just great. Loved beautiful beach at the Reef

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