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space and area to move around for our group of 16. There was a head on our boat. Took film into town and devel- oped our rolls at Omega, which provided one hour service.

Scuba Cozumel, July 2000, Fay Duckworth, Walnut Creek, CA. Vis: 100 ft. Water: 80-82 degrees. Dive restrictions: 90’. Continental canceled for departure date from Oakland. Leaving Cozumel had us flying back into Oakland when we took off from SFO. Except for the airlines screw up we had a wonderful time.

unbelievably bad chamber care, missed pickups, booze and pot offered before night dives, etc. This has changed — top notch equipment, knowledgeable and courteous dive- masters, dive plans. I saw 150 pound groupers and much more, whereas 15 years ago you never saw anything big enough to eat (because it had been eaten!). The reefs are in BETTER condition than they were. Congratula- tions to Cozumel! Scuba Du is set up for intermediate non-photographer divers, but does an excellent job servicing these divers.

Scuba DU, Presidente Interconti- nental, June 2000, Paul Lemcke (HANNAHDOG@LVCM.COM), Las Vegas, NV. Vis: 75-100 ft. Water: 75-78 degrees. Dive restrictions: Guided. Our second trip to the Presidente. One of the world’s most comfortable and well-managed dive resorts. We’ve enjoyed the same divemaster (David) on both trips. We dove a recently sunk Mexican warship in 40-80 feet of water in 150 + visibility

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    what a dive! Dove 4 times a day for 3

days, on a small 6-pack that flew to the dive sites ahead of the cattle boats. Only criticism? Fish life (especially grouper) seemed less abundant than 2 years ago. (Ph: 011-52-987-21379)

Scuba Du, Presidente Hotel, July 2000, Randy Preissig (jjjrs5@texas.net), San Antonio, TX. Vis: 80 to 150 Feet. Water: 82 F, calm. On their standard dive trips, 80 feet with dive leader. I swore off Cozumel more than 10 years ago because of safety factors. I personally witnessed bad equipment,

Scuba Du, Presidente Intercontinen- tal, August 2000, Karen and Dale Alberston, Beverly Hills, CA. Vis: 50-150 ft. Water: 81-83 degrees. Dive restrictions: Depth limits, time limits, stay with divemaster. The Presidente was a first class hotel (for Mexico) with first class service (but don’t be in a hurry during your meals). Fine restaurant at the resort. Be careful jumping off the northerly pier — shallow and one guest broke his knee. The scuba-diving operation at the resort was good once you figured out who the good dive masters were and which fast boat to request. Boat No. 3 was a good boat to be on with dive- master Alfonso. But it took us two of our five days diving to figure it out. Also request Punta Sur trip if you want to do a deep dive (120 ft.) Very nice dive. Ask the divemaster to show you the splendid toadfish. The night dive at paradise was excellent, saw two octopus, one shark, lobsters, crab, big green moray eel, etc. All dive sites were great, diverse and plenty to see.

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