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Punta Sur, Maracaibo Deep Cedral Wall, Santa Rosa Wall and Villa Blanca wall as a night dive were some of the sites we enjoyed this trip. French Reef was where I got some of my best pictures. Once again, Cozumel proves it is a world class dive destination. (Ph: 011- 52-987-20145)

Sea Scuba, Hotel Pepita, January 2000, Norman B. Ross, Abilene, TX. Vis: 70 to 80 feet, Water: 74 to 75 degrees, choppy. Dive restrictions: Start up when you reach 500-750 psi. Hotel Pepita is 2 blocks from the plaza and is very basic. There is no phone or TV in the room although there is a refrigerator and air conditioner. The rooms are clean the bed is ok and you have coffee in the morning. Sea Scuba allows you to dive your own profile to maximize your bottom time. The shop is across the street from La Mission.

Sea Scuba, Yellow Rose Divers, Hotel Pepita, 2000, Norman B. Ross, Abilene, TX. Hotel Pepita is 2 blocks off the square and charges $25/night. The rooms are clean, air conditioned and have a refrigerator, there is no phone, TV or pool. Sea Scuba is across from La Mission and is one of the better dive companies in Cozumel. Sea Scuba has fast boats with usually 3-6 divers and they allow you to dive your computer. Yellow Rose Divers has a large boat with all of the amenities such fresh fruit, cold drinks, cookies and lunch. Carlos is a great divemaster. Yellow Rose Divers goes to the north end where the current is really ripping and when you come across something you do not have much time to look.

Water conditions were 84-88°F with 60- 80 feet visibility.

Sea Scuba, Maya Cozumel, August 2000, Norman B. Ross. Maya Cozumel down town for $41 per night. Air conditioned, refrigerator and swimming pool, 1/2 block from Domino’s Pizza. Sea Scuba one of the best dive operators in Cozumel.

T.T.C Divers, Del Mar Aquatics, Casa Del Mar, June 2000, Martin Giesecke, mgiesecke@heart.thi.tmc/ edu. Houston, TX. Vis: 40-100 ft. Water: 80-82 degrees. Dive restric- tions: The usual 60 ft./50 min., then 50 ft./40 min. Did two dives first afternoon with Del Mar Aquatics. Fast boat with twin outboards and onboard oxygen. Remainder of three day trip was with T.L.C. Divers. Slow boats; no oxygen -– a blast to the past when two dive trip started at 9:00 a.m. and returned at 3 p.m.! Very strong currents some days resulted in some divers being separated by several hundred yards at end of dive. Take along signaling device. I wish they had not built the new cruise ship dock, but Paradise Reef survives. No more airplane off La Ceiba -– first Hurri- cane Gilbert, then a cruise ship’s prop

  • just rubble now. (TTC Dive Shop/

Club Cozumel Caribe: +52 9872- 4476; Fax +52 9872-0288)

TTC Divers, Club Coz. Caribe, August 2000, Pete Remneff, Truckee, CA. Vis: 100-150 ft. Water: 82-84 degrees. The resort was excellent – service food, hospitality. The dive operation was attentive and

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