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courteous. Good service and set up. Boat was ok with 12 divers on board with 2 divemasters. Went out in 2 groups. Briefing was good. 1st dive Palancar Caves – once we got down to caves it was a speed swim. Couldn’t keep up with divemasters, couldn’t stop for pictures. At 92’ only way to find D.M. was to go up a bit and find bubbles! One diver came up out of air with no D.M. around. Not fun in a beautiful spot. 2nd dive, the Cedra Pass was 48’ in strong current – once down

  • small reef and then long swim

across current for 200 yards to see a nurse shark in a hole. Extremely tiring and should not have been scheduled. Again, very poor D.M. support and hazardous for some of the group.

Yellow Rose Divers, Allegro Resort, April 2000, Mark Walden (dfwmw@aol.com), Garland, TX. Vis: 80 feet. Water: 79 to 80 F. Dive restrictions: Stay close to group, surface with 500 psi. Cleanest dive boat I’ve been on. Outstanding boat and crew. Unlike many Cozumel dive operators, the group did not have to come up when someone got low on air. It was nice to be to dive for an hour or so at depth. Dived the north end of the island. No other operators around and there were schools, repeat, schools of fish that I have never seen in Cozumel. We also dove a few of the traditional sites in the park. Very accommodating people. The Allegro was as usual, good for small groups, groups with none divers or children. Grounds still nice, rooms getting a little worn, food pretty good for an all inclusive. (888-366-8708, 281-754-

4119; Fax: 281-754-4119; e-mail mail@coz.net; website www.yellowrosedivers.com)

Yellow Rose Dive, Club Cozumel Caribe, June 2000, James M. Hill, (Jhill50842@hotmail.com), Ft. Worth, TX. Vis: 100-150 ft. Water: 86 degrees. Dive restrictions: none. Yellow Rose is the Elite of the diving boats. Big, roomy, new, fiberglass hull. No propellers, jet engines – superior service on boat. Great dives. Dives were a little high but well worth it.

Yellow Rose Divers, Sol Cabanos, July 2000, Marilyn Koukol, APO, AE. Vis: 60-100 ft. Water: 80-82 degrees. Dive restrictions: not more than 120 ft. For the first three days, my buddy and I were the only divers on the 48' boat. We had nice and easy drift dives with lots of angels, grunts, parrots, and even the Cozumel toad fish. We saw a couple of nice eagle rays and turtles. Carlos and Pancho were great dive guides and Moses fixed our free flowing regs. Lunch was tasty, usually a build-your-own- sandwich or grilled chicken. Sodas and water too. The boat has a shower, a head, and fresh towels. It has a camera table, but I like to place my camera in fresh water between dives and the only water bucket was for masks. The last two days we were joined by 16 divers from Texas. This changed the entire dive profile and procedures. Most were new or inexperienced. Lots of time hanging out on the bottom waiting for those who couldn’t get down. The groups were too large. Then when they

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