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Vis: 40-90 ft. Water: 80-82 degrees. Dive restrictions enforced: None; Buddy diving, routine safety rules. Skilled divers may go deep with D. M. Divemaster Paul and wife Jennifer ensure satisfaction from the time they pick you up at the Airport, until they drop you off for your return flight. They have two dive shops in Pto. Morelos, a small, friendly fishing village about 40 minutes south of Cancun. The ambiance is a refreshing contrast to Cancun. The diving is the best I’ve seen, including many trips to Cozumel. It offers everything Cozumel does, plus much more. The reef is pristine, with a great variety of living coral. There are more fish, and they seem much larger than at Cozumel. It was routine to see turtles, sharks, rays, eel, etc. Of course, the day I left they saw a whale shark. Emphasis is on finding the larger animals, but all of the small fish are there as well. We stayed at Casita Del Mar, and small, new, and very clean hotel, walking distance from the center of town, and for us it offered everything we wanted. It has a family atmosphere, and the café is very good. We were good friends with them soon after arrival. Other hotels and rentals are available. Paul and his dive crew took the work out of the diving. They cleaned and stored my dive gear each evening, and picked me up each morning on the beach in front of the hotel. One of the crew snorkeled and kept watch each dive, and would assist me shedding my gear before getting back aboard. Paul is a world-class diving instructor, originally from Texas. We dove each morning, and

usually he teaches in the afternoon — advanced and specialty courses from him. Paul and Jennifer’s Texas hospital- ity makes the experience unforgettable. Even my nondiving wife was anxious to go back again. In season, he offers a wreck dive at Chinchorro Banks, where there are more than 200 shipwrecks from Spanish galleons to modem warships and freighters. This is the almost unknown, fantastic diving experience you’ve been dreaming about. (+52 52-9871-0198)

Villas De Rosa, March 2000, David and Nancy Smith (davidalexandersmith@compuserve.com), Cambridge, MA, Hotel complex consists of twelve condo-style apartments with beach frontage. Rooms large, airy, kitchens and bathrooms dingy but well-equipped, TV with one channel (“whatever my daughter’s watching,” but they turned to movie channels in the evenings). No restaurant but they serve breakfast/ lunch/dinner in your room when you ask (works great). Meals a notch above the usual dive standard, with crisp veggies and overcooked meat,

If you're about to spend a few grand on a dive trip overseas, you ought to spend a few bucks to make sure you've picked the right place. Become an Undercurrent Online member: www.undercurrent.org

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