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Gained good experience in managing children with type II diabetes and diabetes in  

     children with cystic fibrosis.

Paediatric Endocrinology:

About to complete two year experience in paediatric endocrinology including six months

     at tertiary level.

Competent in assessment and management of common paediatric endocrine disorders

     involving growth, puberty, thyroid gland and adrenal gland disorders.

Competent in conducting and interpreting various endocrine investigations.

Gained good experience in management of other endocrine disorders including ambiguous

     genitalia, obesity and disorder of calcium metabolism.

Attendance and presentations at regional endocrine group meetings.

Community Paediatrics

Experience in developmental assessment and ADHD clinics.

Running of school clinics and child health clinics.

Regular educational statement assessments.

Attended outreach clinics and special school clinics.

Participated in the multi-disciplinary assessment of children at the child development centre.

Courses and Training Programmes Attended

1) Managing Poor performance in Junior Doctors, Hospital and date

2) European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology, Annual meeting, Istanbul. Sep 2008

3) Teaching the Teachers for Consultant Paediatricians and Senior SpRs (appraisal and    

   assessment), place, date

4) Stepping up to your consultant role (Management Awareness) course, May 20XX,

5) Advanced Course in Paediatrics & Adolescent Diabetes, April 20XX, Hospital

6) Advanced course in Paediatric Bone and calcium metabolism, Feb 20XX, Hospital

7) Clinical Governance and Patients Safety training, Oct 20XX. Place

8) Generic Instructor Course for NLS, date, hospital

9) Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound Course, Date, Hospital

10) Endocrinology for the General Paediatrician, Date, Hospital

11) Cardiology in Neonates and Infants, Date, Hospital

12) Dealing with Problem Colleagues, Date, Hospital

13) Child Protection Training for Senior Clinicians, Date, Hospital

14) Workshop on Diagnostic Methods, Date, Hospital

15) Dermatology Course for Paediatricians, Date, Hospital

16) Management awareness course for specialist registrars, Date, Hospital     

17) Evidence based medicine and critical appraisal of literature, Date, Hospital

18) An Overview of Communication skills, Date, Hospital

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