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CRASH WRAP Weather Barrier Film

Technical Data Sheet

April 12, 2004 Subject: Crash Wrap Film

Product Theory: Crash Wrap is used on damaged vehicles to provide a temporary weather barrier. It is a quick, convenient and cost effective way to prevent additional damage to vehicles interiors.

Situation: Vehicles that have been damaged by collision or vandalism have open areas that allow weather to further damage their interiors. The only way to prevent this interior damage is to cover the vehicle with a tarp/plastic sheet or store the vehicle inside. 1. Tarps/plastic sheets are difficult for one person to install...the sheets must be taped down. The tape leaves a gooey residue. 2. Inside storage is expensive and most times impossible.

Procedure: The product is most effective when applied as soon as possible. The film can be applied horizontally like siding on a house. Apply the first pass across the lowest area. Additional passes above the first should overlap by a few inches, This will divert rain water to the outside.

Description: Self-Adhesive Plastic Film:

  • 1.

    The Film is available in 2 thicknesses 3 mil yellow and 5 mil clear.

  • 2.

    It contains Ultraviolet inhibitors that prevent the film from drying and cracking due to direct sunlight exposure

for up to 1 year. 3. It has a light tack adhesive

When the film is removed the adhesive will not transfer to the vehicle surface. If two adhesive surfaces lightly touch, they can be pulled apart preventing waste. It will not discolour or pull the paint off properly applied, freshly heat cured painted surfaces. NOTE: The film has an adhesion force less than 3M Brand Masking tape. However, do not apply this product to surfaces you would not apply masking tape. If you are uncertain of the integrity of the painted surface, test it by applying some film material to an inconspicous area. Clean the area, firmly attach the film and leave it for a period of 15 minutes. Pull the film off and check for any damage.

Sizes; 1. Crash Wrap is available in two sizes: 24 inches wide and 30 inches wide (clear is available only in 30 inch wide). Each roll is 200 feet in length.

Cutter: 1. Every roll of our product comes with a small plastic letter opener. It can be safely carried in a pocket and makes it easy to cut the film without damaging the vehicle surface.

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