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CRASH WRAP Weather Barrier Film

Directions for use: The Crash Wrap film will adhere better when it is applied to the cleanest, driest, warmest surface possible. Under normal conditions this simply means wiping the area with a damp towel and allowing it to air dry. NOTE: Do not use your bare hand to press the film onto the surface. sharp points will stick through the plastic and cut unprotected skin. always use a glove and/or cloth towel.

Additional Uses: 1. Use Crash Wrap film to cover a broken sunroof. Cover the opening with a piece of cardboard a little larger than the opening then cover the cardboard with the film. This prevents water from pooling and breaking through the opening. 2. Cover exposed bare metal and plastic body filler in repair areas before the vehicle is painted. NOTE: Use the plastic electrical tape around the perimeter of the film to prevent water from seeping in under the edge. 3. Apply the weather barrier film to both sides of a broken, yet still in place, glass before removal. This reduces the number of free glass particles that have to be cleaned up later.

Cost: The 24 inch wide film costs $0.55 per linear foot. Most side windows can be covered with a piece less than four foot long. That is under $2.00. This represents very little cost when considering that the film can be installed by one person in one-third the time needed to cover the vehicle with plastic and duct tape.

Temperature Use Range; For outside storage use, the film can be installed in temperatures from -20(F) degrees to over +130(F) degrees. Inside heated paint booths it will withstand +200(F) degrees.

Shelf Life: The film can be stored under normal warehouse conditions for over 5 years.

Crash Wrap is a registered trademark of Haldon Company - Aurora IL Crash Wrap is distributed by ECP Plus Ltd - Hamilton, ON. Canada. For further information about Crash Wrap Film please contact us toll free at 1-888-327-8463 or visit us on the web at www.ecpplus.com

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