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9.2 Implementation Approach

A critical first step in the Linbro Park implementation process is to establish a coordinating structure for the area and its projects. Suggestions to achieve this include:

  • Designate Linbro Park and related surroundings as a Special Development Zone, to be

implemented through prescribed regulations and performance standards.

  • Utilise rates, taxes and bulk contributions to finance improvements and the ongoing

maintenance of Linbro Park.

  • Formally establish a Management Structure to manage the development of the precinct. It

should be charged with taking Linbro forward in line with the UDF. The exact structure and functions would have to be decided with landowners and the City of Joburg. Successful examples are where landowners and tenants are actively involved, such as the Illovo Boulevard and Sloane Street Precinct in Johannesburg.

The Linbro Park UDF provides a basis on which detailed urban, architectural, landscape and engineering designs can be developed. These detailed precinct plans should address the following points:

  • Detailed designs should be considered by the proposed Management Structure and CoJ.

The Precinct Plans must inform all urban, architectural, landscape and engineering designs and market feasibilities.

  • Linbro Park will need to be able to handle both multi-agency and private interests, plus

comprehensive planning and implementation requirements. CoJ must be committed to this process to create certainty around Linbro for developers.

  • The priority, timing, financial responsibility and environmental impact of projects will have to

be assessed individually. The CoJ will be responsible for implementing the majority of the proposed public infrastructure improvements, but will have the added responsibility for co- ordinating major improvements such as public transport or social facilities that benefit both private and public concerns.

LINBRO PARK: Urban Design Framework Plan

June 2010


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