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10.1 Recommendations

There are some over-arching recommendations that emerge from the UDF, separate from the individual recommendations included in the foregoing chapters, but which deserve mention.

The regeneration of Linbro must be treated as a unified whole. There must be agreement on a variety of coordinated measures by key role players over a specified time-period for the Linbro Park UDF to be able to make an impact and show results.

To take the process further, it is recommended that certain management vehicles be created. This could either take the form of a CoJ task team charged with facilitating the implementation process. Or it could take the form of an institutional vehicle that promotes and markets the node, and ensures an attractive investment climate.

It is recommended that a Management Structure be convened, with committee members coming from the landowners and other stakeholders. The group would be charged with collectively guiding and coordinating the development of the area.

Matters addressed in the UDF which affect city, regional and local interests should be continually reviewed and comments forwarded to the CoJ Planning Department. Once these comments are received, the Linbro Park UDF can be amended if necessary.

When the Linbro Park UDF is approved, effective implementation of the land use and development proposals will ultimately depend on the involvement and commitment of both public and private sector leaders.

The next five-year period, 2010 to 2015, is particularly critical for establishing momentum for the process. Successful implementation will be promoted by ensuring that the necessary supportive actions occur as and when needed.

In conclusion, the UDF is designed to be a working document that directs, guides and helps manage development at Linbro. Because of its position as a differentiated development node between Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni, the special characteristics and features of the area must be carefully developed and enhanced. The design proposals seek to create a viable urban future and – more importantly – competitive destination at Linbro, for visitors, residents and investors alike.

LINBRO PARK: Urban Design Framework Plan

June 2010


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