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Two New Budd Cars for your Passenger Trains

From beginning to end, Walthers HO Scale Budd passenger cars make it easy to create complete, matched consists for your railroad.

A Place to Relax and See Where You’ve Been Bringing up the markers on many notable passenger trains, the round-end, or “boat-tail” observation car was one of the best-known icons of the streamliner era. The wrap-around windows of this tavern-lounge offered passengers a place to watch the scenery fade into the distance as they enjoyed a drink or a snack.

Because the observation was always the rear car, it had to be turned at the end of each run. On the road, it created additional switching moves wherever the consist was split or consolidated. On your layout, the observation car adds fascinating passenger train switching opportunities at your terminals.

The Walthers Budd Round-End Tavern-Observation Car comes equipped with a working rear knuckle coupler that allows your depot switcher to couple on and drag the train backwards to the coach yard. The observation car

also features a rooftop housing for an oscillating “Mars” warning light (nonoperating); it is applied as appropriate for each roadname. For additional detailing, you might add a lighted drumhead with your favorite train name (sold separately). Drumhead kits are made by Tomar Industries; for a complete listing see the Walthers Web site at walthers.com.

The Passenger Car that Carried Few Passengers While very few paying passengers ever have the opportunity to ride in the baggage-dormitory car, it’s an important part of many train consists. With a baggage compartment at one end and crew bedrooms and lounge areas at the other, these cars not only fulfilled the need for a crew dormitory, but also offered more room for luggage and express cargo. Since many railroads were hesitant to spend money for nonrevenue equipment on their passenger trains, many baggage-dorms had long lives and similar cars still operate for Amtrak®. As on the prototype, place the Baggage- Dormitory Car at the head end of your train just behind the express, RPO and full baggage cars.

All Walthers ready-to-run Budd passenger cars feature full interiors, flush-fitting windows, wire grab irons, working

Amtrak used round-end observations up through the mid-1970s. In 1977, this ex-Seaboard car was assigned to the Chicago-New Orleans “Panama Limited” as noted on the drumhead. Photo from the collection of Jim Hebne .


932-6468 Budd Baggage Dormitory Ca , NYC $34.98

932-6501 Budd Round-End Tavern-Observation Ca , Amtrak Phase I $39.98

932-6508 Budd Round-End Observation Ca , NYC $39.98

diaphragms, knuckle couplers, diecast GSC Commonwealth truck sideframes with RP-25 metal wheels, decals with appropriate car names and numbers, and provisions for drop- in installation of the Walthers Interior Lighting Kit 933-1049 ($10.98, sold separately). Cars decorated in railroad and Amtrak Phase I schemes feature steam-

heat underbody details, car skirting and as-built car ends. Amtrak Phase II, III and IV cars have electric-heat (HEP) underbody details and car ends with simulated marker light and electrical cable receptacles.

Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. is an authorized Amtrak supplier. Amtrak is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.


Baggage-Dormitory Cars, $34.98 each

Round-End Tavern- Observation Cars, $39.98 each

Amtrak Phase I Amtrak Phase II Amtrak Phase III Amtrak Phase IV ATSF PRR CB&Q NYC CP Rock Island SP UP Penn Central Undecorated

932-6461 932-6462 932-6463 932-6464 932-6465 932-6466 932-6467 932-6468 932-6469 932-6472 932-6473 932-6474 932-6475 932-6460

932-6501 932-6502 932-6503 932-6504 932-6505 932-6506 932-6507 932-6508 932-6509 932-6512 932-6513 932-6514 932-6515 932-6500

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