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Looking for that Special Caboose?

932-7522 C&O 25' Wood Caboose


Union Pacific and Chesapeake & Ohio are very popular railroads among modelers; that’s why there are plenty of HO Scale models of their unique steam locomotives. Rivarossi C&O Allegheny 2-6-6-6s and UP Big Boy 4-8-8- 4s, Challenger 4-6-6-4s and FEF-3 4-8-4s, plus the upcoming Bachmann C&O “Heavy Mountain” 4-8-2, are great on the head-end. New Walthers ready-to- run UP and C&O cabooses extend that realism to the tail-end of your train consists.

From Oregon’s Blue Mountains to the Wasatch Front The Walthers UP CA-1 Class Wood Caboose is a model of the road’s early 1900s-era 30', offset- cupola car. Riding on wood-beam caboose trucks for a smoother ride, they added a distinct flavor to the rear of UP trains. Hundreds were constructed for UP and its subsidiaries; they could be found on lonely branches or mainline manifest trains up through the 1960s.

UP’s CA-1s and C&O’s 90700- Series 25' wood cabooses, based on pre-1925 steel-underframe cars that replaced older all-wood cars, had a distinctive appearance. In some areas, their steel underframe allowed pushers to couple directly to the rear of the train rather than having to couple into the train ahead of the caboose—a real time saver on busy helper districts. The new Walthers models are eye- catching replicas of the unique prototypes these railroads used across their systems.

Through the Gorge and Over the Mountain On the other side of the continent, the C&O received 100 all-new 25' “cabins” (as cabooses were called on the C&O) built by Standard Steel Car Company in the fall of 1924. The distinctive center-cupola cars began their careers in coal country where they mingled with C&O’s big steam engines. They eventually spread to other parts of the system. While most were scrapped in the 1960s and 70s, the last, #90796, was not retired until

1984—after almost 60 years of constant use!

932-7542 UP CA-1 Wood Caboose $24.98

C&O Caboose with roof and side cut away to show interio . Figures, accessories and paint by modele .

A Finishing Touch for your Freights During the steam and classic- diesel era, cabooses were everywhere. Outside yard limits, almost every train or engine move required one; yards and helper stations had special caboose tracks where they were parked and serviced. Switchers always carted one along, and engine-only moves were called “caboose hops” because a caboose always accompanied the engine.

Needless to say, appropriate cabooses add authenticity to any layout.

UP CA-1 Wood Cabooses Single Cars, $24.98 each 932-7541 UP (Armour Yellow, Four-Digit Numbers) 932-7542 UP (Oxide Red) 932-7540 Undecorated

Limited-Run 2-Packs, $49.98 932-27541 UP (Armour Yellow, Four-Digit Numbers) 932-27542 UP (Oxide Red)

Limited-Run UP Subsidiary 3-Pack, $74.98 932-37541 One-Each Sublettered for Los Angeles & Salt Lake, Oregon Short Line and Oregon-

Washington Railway & Navigation

932-7521 C&O 25' Wood Caboose $24.98

New Walthers cabooses have features ensuring that the realism of your UP or C&O train consist doesn’t end after the engine rolls by. The models offer detailed, molded bodies with drill starter points for the wire grab irons supplied plus working knuckle couplers. Separate end ladders, smokejack and sunshades are also provided. Cars are available individually and in multi-packs for a variety of roadnumbers and paint schemes.

C&O 25' Wood Cabooses Single Cars, $24.98 each 932-7521 C&O - Early Red Scheme 932-7522 C&O “For Progress” Herald (red) 932-7523 C&O “For Progress” Herald (yellow) 932-7520 Undecorated

Limited-Run 2-Packs, $49.98 each 932-27521 C&O - Early Red Scheme 932-27522 C&O “For Progress” Herald (red) 932-27523 C&O “For Progress”

Herald (yellow) 19

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