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HBTI, Kanpur April 08, 2008


Clusters and Nanostructures

Enhanced materials:

nclusion of nanoparticles may lead to more durable and effective drilling components, lighter and sturdier offshore platforms and a variety of corrosion-resistant materials, among other benefits.

New separators and nanomembranes:

Stable and lightweight membranes could be used to filter impurities from heavy oil and tight gas, as well as in environmental applications. "There are particular separation technologies that will be extremely useful - not only for the exploration and production industry, but also for the carbon-capture issue," added.

Advanced fluid additives:

Nano-scale additives might be used in everything from improved drilling fluids to more efficient and environmentally friendly fuels.

Sensors and imaging agents:

The special electrical and magnetic properties of nanomaterials make them well suited for use as injected sensors and contrast agents. "Because they can withstand high temperature and pressure, nano-scale sensors could be especially useful for characterizing deep reservoirs."

The other projects which can be worked on are:

Carbon nanotube production process for application in catalysts, fuel cells and storage of natural gas

Application of nano-lubricants to improve the lubrication conditions of NIOC equipments

Identification, synthesis and utilization of nano-catalysts in petroleum industry processes

Application of nano-additives in gasoline and diesel fuels to reduce fuel consumption and pollutants

Processing and Purification of natural gas by the utilization of nano-materials.

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