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Some of the topics that we will not address in this report will appear in our final report.  One example is recommendations regarding retirees.  Other topics may not be addressed in our reports, but they have received our attention, and in some cases have been referred to others who are in a better position to pursue them.  One overarching recommendation that we will not repeat in each section below but that has pervaded all of our discussions involves the importance of better communication so all members of our community are aware of the programs and benefits that are available to them; so they know how to take full advantage of them; and so there can be greater synergy in addressing issues that cross office or departmental boundaries (through collaboration, for example, between University Health Services and the fitness and wellness programs at Dillon Gym, or between UHS and the residential colleges and eating clubs).  One recommendation that was made to us on several occasions is that the University make an even greater effort to inform incoming students and their parents of the health, wellness, and fitness services available to students and that the residential colleges and resident advisers make even greater efforts to reinforce this message early in the fall term.  We are still developing a recommendation for a work-life office that could provide faculty and staff with information about a broad range of University and community services and programs that could help them achieve a better balance between family and work.  It has also been suggested that the University reinforce messages about health and well being whenever possible through the home page and other means of communication.    

This report begins with a brief review of our activities over these past three months.  We then present recommendations in the following areas:

The Provision of Health and Wellness Services: University Health Services (5-9)

The Student Health Plan (9-12)

The Provision of Fitness and Recreation Services: Dillon Gym (12-15)  

The Integration of Health, Wellness, and Fitness Services (15-16)

Nutrition (16-18)

Faculty/Staff Issues (18-21)

Post-Docs (21-22)

Child Care (22-23)  

In a concluding section we outline our plans for the summer as we move toward a final report next fall.  

Recent Activities

Focus Groups

The most ambitious undertaking of the task force this spring has been focus group discussions with undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, faculty, administrative staff, bi-weekly staff, and retirees.  These focus groups were designed both to inform our deliberations and to shape a survey of all of these groups that is being distributed by the Survey Research Center.  The results of the survey will be available to us as we continue our work this summer.  

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