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function effectively. The tool helps establish a shared vision, foster dialogue and provide a common language for exploring different viewpoints. The active mode is where the maximum outcomes are realised but this mode requires a sustained commitment on the part of both the public and private sectors, that is, all relevant stakeholders. In this mode, performance is assessed, differences are explored and priorities are established. This mode is where strategic actions are outlined, investments are evaluated and agreed to, and commitments made and implemented. Continuity of this process requires a true partnership between the public and the private sectors. Leadership on the part of the public sector is a fundamental and critical determinant of success. The benefits and outcomes of using the PVS tool include:

  • An indication of overall performance for each of the four components

  • A relative performance rating within each of the critical competencies

  • A basis for comparing the performance of the VS with that of other veterinary

services in the region or globally, in order to explore areas for cooperation or negotiation

  • Identifying differences in the responses of stakeholders in order to arrive at

shared points of view

  • Fostering a common understanding in order to achieve greater levels of


  • Helping to determine the benefits and costs of investing in VS and, when

necessary, obtaining assistance from government and financial and technical cooperation agencies

  • Providing a basis for establishing a routine monitoring and follow up mechanism

on the overall level of performance of the VS over time

  • Helping to identify and present justifications and specific needs when applying for

national and/or international financial support (loans and/or grants)

  • Providing the basis for carrying out a process of verifying compliance with the OIE

standards and assessments of VS by external or independent bodies under the guidelines and auspices of the OIE.

Objectives, scope and context of evaluation

The evaluation of Veterinary Services of the Republic of Namibia had the objective of identifying both strengths and gaps in capability against the criteria set out in the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code, using the OIE Performance, Vision and Strategy (PVS) tool. The original idea of asking the OIE for this evaluation came from Namibia’s Agricultural Union (NAU). Its congress passed a resolution requesting a PVS evaluation. The scope of the mission was the overall performance of the VS and other institutions and sectors that comprise the Veterinary Service of Namibia, including


Namibia PVS report version II 23012009

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