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I­6 Coordination capability of the sectors and institutions of the Veterinary Services (public and private)

The capability of the VS to coordinate national activities, including disease control and eradication programmes, food safety programmes and responses to emergency situations.

Levels of advancement

  • 1.

    There is no coordination.

  • 2.

    There are informal or irregular coordination

mechanisms for some activities, with an unclear chain of command. 3. There are coordination mechanisms with a clear chain of command for some activities, but these are not coordinated / implemented throughout the country. 4. There are coordination mechanisms with a clear chain of command at the national level for most activities, and these are uniformly implemented throughout the country. 5. There are agreed coordination mechanisms that can be implemented as necessary to address all activities.

Results Strengths : Developed NamLITS traceability system in close collaboration with the MBN Active participation by VS personnel in meetings/ conferences of NAU, MBN VS information often included in published and electronic newsletters from NAU and MBN Weaknesses : Too much emphasis by VS on export related matters, as a result of influence by private sector No demonstrable coordination/ collaboration with stakeholders north of the VCF No coordination with the Ministry of Health or Local Municipalities on nonexport slaughter and other veterinary public health matters Supporting documentation (documents or photos): A guide to Livestock Traceability in Namibia Version 1.01 March 2007 Vet News Namibia Vol.5 Issue 2: AprilJune 2008 Detailed findings during visit: There are clearly well established links and mechanisms of collaboration and coordination with the organized private sector. NamLITS has been established thanks to strong input and support from the private sector. However, the private sector also demands high investments such as for BSE testing, which need to be made to be able to export to certain EU companies, where private standards must be met. The private sector is well organized and can continue to contribute to VS with improved governance nationwide. The animal identification, traceability and surveillance activities north of the VCF should be improved, as well as the involvement of their producers. Private sector may also be able to influence the needed collaboration between Ministries of Health and Agriculture.


Namibia PVS report version II 23012009

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