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The VS have no field network or established procedure

emergency response

to determine whether a sanitary emergency exists or the

The authority and capability of the VS to detect and respond rapidly to a sanitary emergency (such as a significant disease outbreak or food safety emergency).

authority to declare such an emergency and respond appropriately. 2. The VS have a field network and an established procedure to determine whether or not a sanitary emergency exists, but lack the necessary legal and financial support to

respond appropriately.


The VS have the legal framework and financial support

to respond rapidly to sanitary emergencies, but the response is not coordinated through a chain of command. 4. The VS have an established procedure to make timely decisions on whether or not a sanitary emergency exists. The VS have the legal framework and financial support to respond rapidly to sanitary emergencies through a chain of command. They have national contingency plans for some exotic diseases. 5. The VS have national contingency plans for all diseases of concern through coordinated actions with all stakeholders

through a chain of command.

Results Strengths : Rapid response demonstrated through high surveillance, particularly in the FMD infected and buffer zones Epidemiology division has developed contingency plans for several important animal diseases Weaknesses : Unlikely to early detect and rapidly respond in areas of weak VS coverage, particularly north of the VCF, along the Angola border No antemortem and postmortem inspection by veterinarians in local and municipal abattoirs The inspection in these abattoirs is only a meat hygiene inspection, with no animal health controls Supporting documentation (documents or photos): Contingency Plan AI and Pandemic Flu Sept 07 DVS Contingency Plan for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy February 2006 DVS Contingency Plan for Foot and Mouth Disease February 2008 National Contingency Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza September 2007 Detailed findings during visit: Contingency plans: When discussing the ability of VS for early detection and response, we learned of the existence of contingency plans for FMD, CBPP, BSE and HPAI, and standard operating procedures for veterinarians and field personnel in cases of FMD and CBPP. While they have not conducted simulation exercises, they have revised their contingency plans and SOPs. They are also facing outbreaks of other important diseases, which allow the VS to test their response capability particularly south of VCF. When there are significant changes in the prevalence or distribution of


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