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are brought from a pasture to drink water close to the farm houses. Mrs. Shahali explains that it is very difficult to receive support from a veterinarian, as the state veterinarian is very far away (as well as the private vet). However, the VS come to visit the farm once a year in order to vaccinate the animals against CBPP and FMD. There was no vaccination last year, though, and when asked to show us the farm register she says that she would not be able to find it that quickly. The farm seems to be typical, although the family might be rather richer than average for a communal farmer.

Visit to a private farm: We also visited a private farm, Sachsenheim, located immediately south of the Veterinary Cordon Fence and within the surveillance zone. The farm was owned by Mr. Sachse. The total surface area is of 9,700 hectares and is subdivided into a 5,000 hectares game farm and a 4,700 hectares cattle farm. The farm also serves as a lodge providing bed and breakfast for tourists visiting the Etosha National Park. The farmer claims he has to diversify into game farming and tourism, as it is very difficult to succeed strictly raising cattle. This is a common phenomenon in several regions of Namibia today. One of the problems in his area is the ample availability of water, with his cattle suffering from ectoand endoparasites. His cattle have to be shipped at a high cost on average 500 kilometres to the export slaughterhouses in central Namibia. He ships an average of 100 cattle to slaughter each year. The game farm exports the overproduction of game (kudu, impala, gemsbok, and eland) live to South Africa. He appeared more interested in developing the tourism side of his business. He does not appear to represent the opinions of the majority of farmers in his situation. The movement permits and the technical extension is provided by the regional office of the VS (State Veterinary Office).

Priorities/Recommendations Short Term : Identify mechanisms for closer consultation and awareness raising with communal farmers

Medium / Long Term :


Namibia PVS report version II 23012009

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