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Levels of advancement

III­4 Accreditation / authorisation / delegation

The authority and capability of the public sector of the VS to accredit / authorise / delegate the private sector (e.g. private veterinarians and laboratories), to carry out official tasks on its behalf.


The public sector of the VS has neither the

authority nor the capability to accredit / authorise / delegate the private sector to carry out official tasks. 2. The public sector of the VS has the authority and capability to accredit / authorise / delegate to the private sector, but there are no current accreditation / authorisation / delegation activities. 3. The public sector of the VS develops accreditation / authorisation / delegation programmes for certain tasks, but these are not routinely reviewed. 4. The public sector of the VS develops and implements accreditation / authorisation / delegation programmes, and these are routinely reviewed. 5. The public sector of the VS carries out audits of its accreditation / authorisation / delegation programmes, in order to maintain the trust of their trading partners and


Results Strengths : While not an official accreditation process, farmers are being trained and authorized to complete the animal health forms by AHWs. Weaknesses : At the moment there are no VS functions being delegated to private veterinarians and laboratory. Supporting documentation (documents or photos): Disease Report Form TC.3937.FAO.TAD.002 V 2.00 DVS Disease Report Forms capital press 002442 Detailed findings during visit: The competencies of private veterinarians were identified as very good. Therefore consideration should be given by the VS to develop an accreditation plan for a the more active participation by these professionals, especially in view of the shortness of such professionals.

Priorities/Recommendations Short Term :

Medium / Long Term : VS should consider a closer link with private veterinarians in an attempt to establish specific accreditation programs to benefit from the professional talent and presence in the field.


Namibia PVS report version II 23012009

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