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the pertinent elements to take into account, on what are the possible acceptable ways of addressing the issue, etc.

The immediate outcome would be that, out of such a richness of perspectives and variety of analyses, not a single coherent operative proposal could possibly come up.


In an interdisciplinary

approach, a series of experts

are separately

requested to

specific aspect

of a complex

contribute to a dossier issue is examined.

belonging to different disciplines by preparing an essay where a

The experts are aware of each other, but they are also aware that they are focusing on different aspects of the problem. As the specific topics were already attributed to each

discipline on the experts exchange

basis of the traditional information just to find


definition of its knowledge domain, the final agreement on the boundary given to

each other. methods of

Once the borders are set, each the specific discipline selected to

expert better

unquestionably uses theories address the specific topic.


Eventually, once the research papers have been finalized, an interaction among the experts takes place, in the form of information exchange on the findings or on the working methods of the different disciplines.

Thus, any possibility to into coherent operative compiling the individual

compose the different perspectives and the various analyses

proposals resides papers. Solely this

in the final activity conclusive assemblage

of -




maybe an

introduction posterior?.

prepared ‘ad hoc’


is supposed to make the essays interact


Otherwise, the inter-disciplinary

dossier would look like a mere collection of isolated




  • *


In a transdisciplinary approach to a given issue, a team of experts reflects together, as they are supposed to redraw the traditional grid, which segments the issue into disciplines.

In this exercise they have to consider each discipline as relevant, but none of them as hegemonic. They have to re-create the object of study by considering it under many different viewpoints. They have to try focusing mainly on the kind of connections, which have not been considered before. They have to communicate. They have to cross the entrenched border of their own disciplines by exchanging ideas and different perspectives. They have to find new metaphors for sharing and understanding.

They have to ways in which putting up for

increase their mutual awareness on the problems, by ideas are expressed. They have to getinto a self-critical discussion their many views on the issue.

multiplying disposition,

the by


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