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5/4/05 Draft VI

Forest Recreation 2000 Strategic Plan and PA 418 of 1998 The State Forest Recreation Advisory Committee (FRAC), created by statute in the DNR’s FY1990-91 appropriation legislation, through a multi-year effort crafted a strategic plan for forest recreation entitled “Forest Recreation 2000”. The plan received public input at 9 public information meetings across the state attended by more than 500 people. The FRAC included representatives of the full range of forest recreation activities including motorized trail users, non-motorized trail users, the environmental community, hunters and anglers, the forest products industry, recreation educators and local and federal public land managers. The NRC then approved the plan in November

  • 1995.

    It envisioned:

    • (a)

      State forest recreation is recognized as an essential part of the quality of life and the economic well-being of Michigan

    • (b)

      State forests are professionally managed to provide sustained opportunities for recreation, wood, environmental quality and a diverse plant and animal community

    • (c)

      Forest recreation is professionally managed in an integrated system that complements other recreation opportunities and provides harmony between recreationists, the forest products industry, other forest users and owners, and the environment

    • (d)

      The forest recreation system focuses on supporting recreation activities and experiences where a large land base, rustic facilities and the forest and the values in holds are critical to the activity

    • (e)

      Opportunities are available for individuals, commercial and non-profit organizations to work cooperatively with the DNR Forest Management Division (now Forest, Mineral and Fire Management) in enhancing and maintaining recreation facilities

    • (f)

      Forest recreationists pay their fair share and the state of Michigan provides an additional stable funding source in recognition of the importance of forest recreation to Michigan citizens and Michigan’s economy

The concept of an integrated forest recreation system was translated into law in Public Act 418 of 1998 (MCL 324.831) as it mandates in 83102:

“The DNR shall develop, operate, maintain, and promote an integrated recreation system that provides opportunities for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, off-road vehicle trail riding (emphasis added) boating, trail related activities, and other forms of recreation within each state forest (emphasis added). In developing, operating, maintaining, and promoting this recreation system, the department shall focus on maintaining the integrity of the forest while supporting recreation activities and experiences for which a large land base, rustic nature, and the forest and forest values are critical to the activity.”

1997 UP ORV Task Force Report and Subsequent NRC Action Formed in 1996 based on the 1994 NRC request to reevaluate the situation in the UP, the UP Task Force reported in 1997:


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