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5/4/05 Draft VI

Trail /Route

Management Unit(s)

Recommended Action(s)

ATV Tr. Black Lake ATV Tr. Bull Gap ATV Tr. Gladwin-N ATV Tr.

Gladwin -S ATV Tr. Hunt Cr. ATV Tr. Huron ATV Tr.

Meadows ATV Tr. FS Mio ATV Tr. Black L. Route Red Bridge Route Tomahawk Route


Mio Ranger District - FS Gladwin


Atlanta, Grayling

Tawas Ranger District - FS

Mio Ranger District - FS





on original treadway. Grading is also needed. Poor signage. Needs more and appropriate confidence markers, directional arrows and stops. User trails around wet spots, poor signing, erosion problems at some hill climbs and wet areas. Trail closed for major renovation. Key challenges included wet sites, braided trail and whooped out trail. Renovations in progress include rerouting, boardwalks, bridges, culverts and grading. Currently in engineering phase. Trail is braided everywhere. Trail is very whooped out.

Needs additional brushing and improved signage.

Several wet spots need to be hardened. Because of wide trail width, some motor vehicle traffic and sign vandalism where people feel the need to drive trucks/SUVs. Trail needs more frequent grading (now being planned) by FS. Illegal scramble area has been created on Consumers Energy land under powerlines across from Old Orchard Park. User made trails, wet areas, poor signage and erosion.

Needs more brushing and better signage. Grading will need to continue as it is currently being done by CCC. Poor signage. Needs more and appropriate confidence markers, directional arrows and stops. Signage is poor. Needs more confidence markers, directional arrows and begin and end signs. Two segments connecting Tomahawk Creek Cycle trail are fine. However, recommend decommissioning loop in Sections 14, 15, 22 and 23 of T33N, R4W due to terrain, access, safety hazards and neglect.

Better brushing and signage are the two most common management steps need to bring the trails/routes to good condition. In a number of instances however, additional steps are required including re-routes and/or boardwalks to protect against soil erosion or compaction in wet or steep areas. There are also challenges with user made trails (illegal volunteer trails that braid the existing single treadway system). These may require re- routes or boardwalks if the braiding is the result of wet or unsafe trail conditions, or some form of appropriate barrier and signage if riders are taking short-cuts that bypass safe and appropriate trail mileage. Improved signage recommended typically focuses on


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