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5/4/05 Draft VI

cooperators to participate in maintenance and may reduce maintenance time.

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    Provide for ORV trailhead maintenance throughout the snow free months (typically April 1 – October 31) corresponding to the ORV riding season.

    • a.

      Rationale is that this would ensure full coverage of the principal season for ORV use. Especially in the central NLP, many trail maintenance cooperators noted that trailhead maintenance was often not performed during months of heavy ORV use in the spring and fall. Significant spring and fall use of designated trails and routes was also noted in the field assessment of the ORV trail system in fall 2004

    • b.

      Fiscal implications are that this may increase the short-term worker budget for trailhead maintenance, be part of a service contract or may be part of a grant agreement with a maintenance cooperator. However, this expenditure is justified based on ORV system use patterns and the need to better maintain the substantial DNR investment in ORV trailheads.

Enduro Motorcycle Events

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    Target ORV motorcycle enduro event trail to sites of proposed timber harvest (1-2 years out).

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      Rationale is that while this is a broader forest land management issue, it is at the interface of land management and ORV use and is addressed in this plan. Enduro ORV motorcycle events involve a temporary trail that is used for a specific event, not providing any given rider an advantage by having long- term familiarity with the course. After the event, the trail needs to be effaced. This can be effectively and efficiently accomplished by the physical harvest of timber and the resulting land management activities. This approach has support of staff and field personnel in FMFM as well as by ORV motorcycle event participants and organizers. It will require closer cooperation between forest vegetation managers, trail/recreation managers and event organizers and participants. Consideration of potential ORV events in the compartment review process will be critical the success of this effort.

    • b.

      Fiscal implications appear minimal and in fact this may result in a savings as the universe for such events is much better defined, they can be more easily planned in advance and permitting may be a smoother process.

Program Administration

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    Clarify responsibilities and strengthen the working relationship among DNR personnel involved in ORV system management and grant programs to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

    • a.

      Rationale is that the ORV program an important part of DNR land management efforts across the state forest system and in its linkage with the national forest system in Michigan. Clear lines of responsibility and a professional working relationship are critical to providing a viable ORV trail/route/area system, enforcing ORV laws, restoring ORV damage to public lands and to maintaining the ORV trail/route/area system. Beyond the ORV program itself, it is part of the range of multiple uses/outcomes


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