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5/4/05 Draft VI

as well as safe riding procedures. This may also encourage adults who are new riders to learn about ORV laws and safety, even when not required to by law. b. Fiscal implications are minimal.


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    ORV licensing should be done solely through the electronic license system, providing accurate and timely data about ORV licensees and clear information about the specific vehicle being licensed to a distinct individual. This should include the driver’s license number and address of the licensee and the type of ORV.

    • a.

      Rationale is that this will provide point of sale data entry capture to assist managers to rapidly detect trends in the types of ORVs being licensed for use, the proportion of new licensees versus on-going licensees, etc. In addition, it will be a valuable law enforcement data base to protect property (ORVs) and to establish the identity of the licensee of the ORV in question. This is a significant improvement compared to the current titling of ORVs by the Secretary of State. It is not possible from those records to determine which or how many motorcycles or large four wheel drive vehicles are used on the designated ORV system, or in the case of large vehicles, on the designated scramble area system. Currently more than 70% of annual ORV license sales are through the electronic licensing system. Of the remaining licenses done with “paper” sales, more than half are sold by one dealer, the Michigan DNR Parks and Recreation Division at Silver Lake State Park. Just adding one licensing terminal at Silver Lake State Park would appear to work well with the voucher system in place and provide the data needed to convert half the current “paper” license purchases to the electronic system.

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      Fiscal implications should be minimal. This will require one question (What type of ORV is being licensed? Is it a motorcycle, ATV, full size truck/SUV or other such as dune buggy, etc.) be asked by license agents. The implications are very positive however as this will eliminate a significant amount of paper records currently generated by license sales outside of the electronic licensing system and will provide accurate, timely information to program managers on who has one or more licensed ORVs and the number and type of ORVs licensed . Fiscal implications to those who currently sell ORV licenses by other than the electronic licensing system will need to invest in the system to continue license sales.

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    ORV license dealers shall provide a copy of the ORV laws and a copy of ORV safety information to each ORV licensee annually upon their purchase of an ORV license.

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      Rationale is that this is an effective and efficient way to communicate with all ORV licensees annually in a manner similar to that done with hunters and anglers through the annual licensing process, provided the information is physically distributed by the license agent.


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