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Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 5 / Friday, January 8, 1999 / Notices


The NPR was established using the following parameters:

1. The lowest possible score is an OCS of 0, which equates to the lowest base salary paid under this demonstration, GS-1, step 1.   

2. The OCS of 100 equates to the highest base salary paid under this demonstration, GS-15, step 10. A “very high” score of 115 may be awarded for employees in the Business Management and Technical Management Professional career path.  When a level IV individual in this career path is performing above the high level (79-100) in a specific factor, 115 points may be awarded.  There is not a point range in the “very high” category; 115 points are awarded or the individual is not rated “very high”.  The same is true for the other two career paths: Technical Support with a “very high” score of 95, Administrative Support with a “very high” score of 70.

3. Changes in OCS correspond to a constant percentage change in salary along the rails.

4. The upper and lower rails encompass an area of +/- 4.0 OCS points, or +/- 8.0 percent in terms of salary, relative to the points established in parameters 1 and 2, above.  


Given these constraints, the formulae for the rails found in Figure 1 are:

Salary upper rail = (GS-1 Step 1) * (1.0800)* (1.020043) OCS

Salary lower rail = (GS-1 Step 1) * (0.9200)* (1.020043) OCS

The integrated pay schedule and the NPR are the same for all the career paths.  What varies among the career paths are the beginnings and endings of the broadband levels.  The minimum and maximum numerical OCS values and associated base salaries for each broadband level by career path are provided in Table 4.  These minimum and maximum breakpoints represent the lowest and highest General Schedule (GS) salary rate for the grades banded together and, therefore, the minimum and maximum salaries possible for each level.  Each year, the rails for the NPR are adjusted based on the

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