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( A ) BACKGROUND PAPERS Principles, Personalities, Politics: Parliamentary Privilege Cases in NSW by Gareth Griffith Indigenous Issues in NSW by Talina Drabsch Privatisation of Prisons by Lenny Roth 2004 NSW Redistribution: Analysis of Draft Boundaries by Antony Green 2004 NSW Redistribution: Analysis of Final Boundaries by Antony Green Children’s Rights in NSW by Lenny Roth NSW By-elections, 1965-2005 by Antony Green The Science of Climate Change by Stewart Smith

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( B ) BRIEFING PAPERS Native Vegetation: Recent Developments by Stewart Smith Arson by Talina Drabsch Rural Sector: Agriculture to Agribusiness by John Wilkinson A Suburb Too Far? Urban Consolidation in Sydney by Jackie Ohlin Population Growth: Implications for Australia and Sydney by Stewart Smith Law and Order Legislation in the Australian States and Territories, 1999-2002: a

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Comparative Survey by Talina Drabsch Young Offenders and Diversionary Options by Rowena Johns Fraud and Identity Theft by Roza Lozusic Women in Parliament: the Current Situation by Talina Drabsch Crimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill 2003 by Talina Drabsch The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal by Rowena Johns Urban Regional Development by Stewart Smith Regional Development Outside Sydney by John Wilkinson The Control of Prostitution: An Update by Stewart Smith

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“X” Rated Films and the Regulation of Sexually Explicit Material by Gareth Griffith 15/03

Double Jeopardy by Rowena Johns Expulsion of Members of the NSW Parliament by Gareth Griffith Cross-examination and Sexual Offence Complaints by Talina Drabsch Genetically Modified Crops by Stewart Smith Child Sexual Offences: An Update on Initiatives in the Criminal Justice System by Rowena Johns Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation by John Wilkinson Infrastructure by Stewart Smith Medical Negligence: an update by Talina Drabsch Firearms Restrictions: Recent Developments by Rowena Johns The Future of Water Supply by Stewart Smith Plastic Bags by Stewart Smith Tourism in NSW: after September 11 by John Wilkinson Drug Offences: An Update on Crime Trends, Diversionary Programs and Drug Prisons by Rowena Johns Local Development Assessment in NSW by Stewart Smith Indigenous Australians and Land In NSW by Talina Drabsch

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Medical Cannabis Programs: a review of selected jurisdictions by Rowena Johns NSW Fishing Industry: changes and challenges in the twenty-first century by John Wilkinson Ageing in Australia by Talina Drabsch


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