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Workplace Surveillance by Lenny Roth Current Issues in Transport Policy by Stewart Smith Drink Driving and Drug Driving by Rowena Johns Tobacco Control in NSW by Talina Drabsch Energy Futures for NSW by Stewart Smith Small Business in NSW by John Wilkinson Trial by Jury: Recent Developments by Rowena Johns Land Tax: an Update by Stewart Smith No Fault Compensation by Talina Drabsch Waste Management and Extended Producer Responsibility by Stewart Smith Rural Assistance Schemes and Programs by John Wilkinson Abortion and the law in New South Wales by Talina Drabsch Desalination, Waste Water, and the Sydney Metropolitan Water Plan by Stewart Smith Industrial Relations Reforms: the proposed national system by Lenny Roth Parliament and Accountability: the role of parliamentary oversight committees by Gareth Griffith Election Finance Law: an update by Talina Drabsch Affordable Housing in NSW: past to present by John Wilkinson Majority Jury Verdicts in Criminal Trials by Talina Drabsch Sedition, Incitement and Vilification: issues in the current debate by Gareth Griffith The New Federal Workplace Relations System by Lenny Roth The Political Representation of Ethnic and Racial Minorities by Karina Anthony Preparing for the Impact of Dementia by Talina Drabsch A NSW Charter of Rights? The Continuing Debate by Gareth Griffith Native Vegetation: an update by Stewart Smith

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