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All Groups - The chassis or unitary construction of the car must remain to the Manufacturers Specifications in construction and material except as defined below:-

Groups A & B - Reinforcing of chassis permitted.

Group A: The boot floor, rear outriggers, outer part of rear wheel arch and inner rear wheel arch behind wheel centre may be removed. The battery & heater tray, front outriggers, and front wheel arches may be removed. Front suspension top turrets may be cut back to original mountings and still use original pick up points.

Group B: Front inner arches may be removed. All other areas of the body shell must remain intact, except where mentioned elsewhere in these regulations.



1. GENERAL: All Groups- Front & rear bumpers may be removed.

Group A - Flyscreens allowed

2. INTERIOR: All Groups: Original seats, carpet, trim may be removed, alternative drivers seat may be fitted.

Group C - Passenger seat optional or original OE seat may be replaced with matching racing seat.

3. EXTERIOR: (FRONT) All Groups - Front wings/valance/bonnet may be replaced in alternative material.

Group A - Doors, rear wings, boot lid and rear valance may be replaced in alternative material.

Group B - Doors & boot lid may be replaced in alternative material. Rear body may also be replaced but must be permanently bonded and steel boot floor retained. Quick release assemblies are not allowed.

Group C - One piece fronts in alternative material allowed with NO holes, scoops or bulges, except in lower wing adjacent to door pillar and restricted to 2 off Holes each side - 50mm W x 150mm L Max.

Side window glass may be reinforced with clear plastic laminate sheet or replaced by 4mm thick polycarbonate sheet

(REAR): Group A - May remove bottom of rear panel up to 2 inches below bottom of the rear lamp fixed plinth. No protrusions allowed beyond bodywork under boot area, except for exhaust pipe.

4. SILHOUETTE: All Groups - Must retain standard door apertures.

May use hardtops which were available at the date of the cars manufacture.

Group A - Original 1275 shape bonnets only allowed.

Control dimensions for forward protrusion of air dams/splitters - Not further than headlamp glass front tip.

Frogeye bonnet (When fitted as appropriate OE) - Not further than front edge of bodywork (not flasher)

Undertrays may be fitted.

Rear aerodynamic aids to be limited to the confines of the original panels. The aids will not be supported/devoid from the original panel in any way, but will be formed from the original panel. Height above upper tip of the rear lamp cluster will be limited to 5 inches.

e.g. Width of spoiler limited to the centre line of the rear wing top line.

      Depth to be limited to the original boot lid.

Groups B & C - To be as original.

5. GROUND CLEARANCE: Ref. J5.20.11.


1. GENERAL: All Groups - Headlamp cowls not permitted. Aerodynamic Aids to sills not permitted.

2. INTERIOR: Group C- Original dashboard, door window glass & winder mechanism may not be removed

3. EXTERIOR: Groups B & C (& A where fitted) Must retain original shape and size of standard windscreen.

Group C - Removal of metal from the original steel monocoque construction - i.e. The front inner wheel arches. Battery tray must remain in tact and unmodified. Steel boot-lid optional. No flared wheel arches.

4. SILHOUETTE: To be original except Group A (see 5(6).1 1&4)

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Published by Midget Competition Group – MG MIDGET CHALLENGE-2011


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