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1.5 Championship Rounds:

The Lackford Engineering MG Midget Challenge will be contested over the number of rounds shown on the 2011 Calendar for Groups A, B & C. (see page 3)Number of races to count is detailed in 2011 Calendar.

1.6 Scoring: To score Championship points See 1.3.4.

1.6.1 Points will be awarded to Competitors listed as classified finishers in the Final Results as follows:-

1st = 10, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6, 4th = 5, etc. down to 2 for 7th place. All other finishers receive one point, plus one extra point for pole position & fastest lap in each class.

Additional points are awarded to reflect grid size, calculated as follows:- Number of starters in class minus finishing positions in class including DNF’s as detailed in classified results.

e.g. Finishing 3rd with 7 starters in class  (6+4=10)

Race starters with race entry submitted on or before race organisers’ official entry closing date receive one point

1.6.2 The totals from the best ten scoring rounds determine final championship points and positions.

1.6.3 Ties will be resolved using the formula in W134 in the 2011 MSA Yearbook.

1.7 Awards

1.7.1 All awards are to be provided by the Organising Club.

1.7.2 Per Round: Groups A, B & C – Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in each class subject to 3, 5 &7 runners. Winners garland for overall race winner.

1.7.3 Championships:

End of season trophies for all Classes will be provided by the Midget Competition Group.

1.7.4 BONUSES:

Per round: NIL

Per championship: NIL


Garlands and trophies are to be provided for presentation at the end of each race to each class winner.

1.7.6 Entertainment Tax Liability - No payments are made to non-UK residents.

1.7.7. Title to all trophies:

In the event of any Provisional Results or Championship Tables being revised after any provisional presentations and such revisions affect the distribution of any awards the Competitors concerned must return such awards to the Organising Club in good condition within 7 days


Disputes on the Sporting Regulations and their application by the Championship Co-ordinator will be settled by the Championship Stewards in accordance with MSA Regulations, these Regulations and any official bulletins that have been issued. The case for any dispute must initially be submitted to the Championship Co-ordinator in writing together with the appropriate MSA legislated protest or appeal fee. The Stewards judgement will be subject only to the Right of Appeal to the MSA.

2.1. Rounds: In accordance with Section C of the 2011 MSA Yearbook.

2.2 Championship In accordance with the Section C of the 2011 MSA Yearbook.

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