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3.6 Starts:

3.6.1 All race start countdowns are to have a minimum elapsed period of 3 minutes from the time all cars are released to form up on the grid to the start of the green flag lap(s) in the formation as specified on the Track Licence for each circuit.

3.6.2 The minimum countdown procedures/audible warnings sequence shall be:-

Standing Starts/Rolling Starts:-

1 Minute to start of Green Flag/pace Lap - Start engines/Clear Grid

30 seconds - Visible and audible warning for start of Green Flag/Pace Lap

3.6.3 The use of tyre heating/heat retention devices, tyre treatments and compounds is prohibited.

3.6.4 Any cars removed from the grid after the 1 minute stage or driven into pits on Green Flag lap shall be held in the pit lane and may start the race after the last car to take the start from the grid has passed the start line or pit-lane exit, whichever is the later

3.6.5 Any drivers unable to start the Green Flag/Pace lap or start are required to indicate their situation as per MSA Regulation Q12.13.2. and any drivers unable to maintain grid positions on the Green Flag Lap to the extent that ALL other cars are ahead of them, may complete the Green Flag Lap but MUST remain at the rear of the last row of the grid but ahead of any cars to be started with a time delay.

3.6.6 Excessive weaving to warm-up tyres - using more than 50% of the track width, and falling back in order to accelerate and practice starts, is prohibited.

3.6.7 A five second board will be used to indicate that the grid is complete. The red lights will be switched on five seconds after the board is withdrawn.

In the event of any starting lights failure the Starter will revert to use of the National Flag.

3.7 Race Stops:

3.7.1 Should the need arise to stop any race or practice, RED LIGHTS will be switched on at the start line and RED FLAGS will be displayed at the start line and at all Marshal’s Signalling Points around the circuit.

This is the signal for all drivers to cease circulating at racing speeds, to slow to a safe and reasonable pace and to return to starting grid area which will automatically become a Parc Ferme area.

Cars may not enter the pits unless directed to do so. Work on cars already in the pits must cease when the race is stopped.

3.7.2 Case A - Less than two laps completed by Race leader.The Race will be null and void.

The race will restart from the original grid positions. Competitors unable to take the restart may be replaced by reserves who will start from the back of the grid in reserve order. Gaps on the grid should not be closed up. The length of the restarted race will be determined by the Clerk of the Course.

3.7.3 Case B - More than two laps completed by Race Leader but less than 75%. The Race will restart from a grid set out by the finishing order of part one. (As per Q5.4.2) The result of the race will be the finishing order at the end of part 2. The length of the restarted race shall be determined by the Clerk of the Course.

3.7.4 If the leader has completed more than 75% of the race distance or duration it shall not be re-started and the results will be declared in accordance with MSA Regulations Q5.4.3. unless the Clerk of the Course, in consultation with the Stewards deem it appropriate to restart the race.

3.8 Re-Scrutiny

All vehicles reported in contact incidents during races or practice must be re-presented to the Scrutineers before continuing in the races or practice.

3.9 Pits & Pitlane Safety:

3.9.1 Pits. Entrants must ensure that the MSA, Circuit Management and Organising Club Safety Regulations are complied with at all times.

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