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3.9.2 Pitlane. The outer lane or lanes are to be kept unobstructed to allow safe passage of cars at all times. The onus shall be on all drivers to take all due care and drive at minimum speed in pit-lanes.

3.9.3 Refuelling: May only be carried out in accordance with the MSA Regulations Q13, Circuit Management Regulations and the SR's or Final Instructions issued for each Circuit/Meeting.

3.9.4 Speed Limit. Pit lane speed limit will be set by the Organising Club.

3.10 Race Finishes:

After taking the chequered flag drivers are required to: Progressively and safely slow down, remain behind any competitor ahead of them, return to the Pit lane Entrance/Paddock Entrance as instructed, comply with any directions given by Marshals or Officials and to keep the helmets on harnesses done up while on the circuit or in the pitlane.

3.11 Results:

All Practice Timesheets, Grids, Race Results are to be deemed PROVISIONAL until all vehicles are released by Scrutineers after Post Practice/Race Scrutineering and/or after completion of any Judicial or Technical Procedures.

3.12 Timing Modules: Not applicable.

3.13 Qualification Races: As detailed in events supplementary regulations.

3.14 Operation of Safety Car

3.14.1 The Safety Car will be brought into operation and run in accordance with Section Q, Appendix 2 of the MSA General Regulations.

3.14.2 The Safety Car, yellow/amber lights illuminated, will normally join and exit the circuit from the pit lane and the Safety Car boards will be shown initially from the start/finish line, If these locations are to be varied specific written instructions and verbal briefings will be issued detailing the exact locations to be used.

3.14.3 On the order from the Clerk of the Course, the Safety Car will join the circuit with its flashing lights on, regardless of where the race leader is.

3.14.4 When the order is given to deploy the Safety Car a waved yellow flag and "SC" board will be displayed at the start/finish line. The waved yellow flags and “SC” boards will flow around the circuit in both directions, as adjacent post displays both their waved yellow flags and “SC” board. The system may be supplemented by a message being broadcast to all marshals’ posts if such a communication system is available.

3.14.5 Flashing yellow lights may be used at the start line and at other points around the circuit.

3.14.6 All competing cars, when notified of the Safety Car intervention (by the flag signals, SC boards, or by any other means) will reduce speed and line up behind the Safety Car, no more than five car lengths apart, and maintaining the same speed as it. Overtaking or overlapping of any other competing car during a Safety Car intervention is forbidden. Overtaking a Safety Car is forbidden unless the particular competitor concerned is signalled to overtake the Safety Car by the observer in the Safety Car

3.14.7 When ordered to do so by the Clerk of the Course, the observer in the Safety Car will wave past any cars between the Safety Car and the race leader. These cars will continue at reduced speed and without overtaking until they reach the line of cars behind the Safety Car.

3.14.8 While the Safety Car is in operation, competing cars may enter the Pit Lane, but may only rejoin the track when signalled to do so and not when the Safety Car and the line of cars following it are about to pass or are passing the pit exit. A car re-joining the track must proceed at an appropriate speed until it reaches the end of the line of cars behind the Safety Car.

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