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or an index of prices or rates.  For contracts that include a unit-linking feature, changes in market conditions include changes in the performance of the related internal or external investment fund.

(b) the difference between the financial liability’s carrying amount and the amount the entity would be contractually required to pay at maturity to the holder of the obligation.

11. The entity shall disclose:

(a) the methods used to comply with the requirements in paragraphs 9(c) and 10(a)

(b) if the entity believes that the disclosure it has given to comply with the requirements in paragraph 9(c) or 10(a) does not faithfully represent the change in the fair value of the financial asset or financial liability attributable to changes in its credit risk, the reasons for reaching this conclusion and the factors it believes are relevant.

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12. If an entity has reclassified a financial asset as one measured:

(a) at cost or amortised cost, rather than at fair value, or

(b) at fair value, rather than at cost or amortised cost,

it shall disclose the amount reclassified into and out of each category and the reason for that reclassification (see IAS 39. 51-54).

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13.  An entity may have transferred financial assets in such a way that part or all of the financial assets do not qualify for de-recognition (see IAS 39.15-37).  The entity shall disclose for each class of such financial assets:

(a) the nature of the assets

(b) the nature of the risks and rewards of ownership to which the entity remains exposed

(c) when the entity continues to recognise all of the assets, the carrying amounts of the assets and of the associated liabilities, and

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