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Madera County Child Abuse Prevention Council

General Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2008

Present: Mary Ariz, Da-Sharoi Crocker, Olga Saucedo-Garcia, Dennis Orender, Terry Painter, Deanna Ramirez, Virginia Rose, Kristine Sauceda, and Naomi Wyatt.

Also Present: Barbara Bailey, Brandy King, Nicki LaPlant, Susana Mesa, Contessa Palmero, and Tina Rizzo.

Excused: Raye Hoevertsz

1.Call to order:

Naomi Wyatt called the meeting to order at 11:48am at the Community Action Partnership.


Introductions: Those in attendance made introductions.


Adoption of Agenda: Naomi Wyatt motioned the adoption of the agenda. There was a motion to accept the agenda by Susana Mesa and 2nd by Terry Painter. Motion carried.


Approval of the August 7, 2008 General Meeting Minutes:  There was a motion to accept the August 7, 2008 minutes by Susana Mesa and 2nd by Terry Painter.  Motion carried.


Board of Director’s Comments/Announcements: Kristine Sauceda shared information regarding the Madera Police Department.  She mentioned that the Madera PD was involved in a big multi agency operation that they are now able to discuss.  In the United State there is something called ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Task Force. There is 59 of them all together in the US, and CA in number 1 with 5 task force.  Kristine reported that about 30 million kids are on the internet and about 10% are victimized before age 18 in a sexual manner on-line.  This sparked an operation last year called Operation Valley Predator where our local task force tried to contact as many sex registrants as possible in the Eastern District to ensure compliance. It was a good operation and a lot of people were arrested, but unfortunately Madera County was not involved in the task force at that time.  The Madera PD, Madera Sheriff’s Office, and Chowchilla PD, just joined 3 months ago in which they were able to participated in Operation Valley Predator II, which took place August 4th-8th locally.  They contacted 500 sex registrants in Madera County that covered Madera City, Chowchilla City, and all the outlining areas in the county.  Out of that, they were able to find 294 registrants, which was a very significant number because the Eastern District which covers 48 agencies, there was only 377 people contacted.  Therefore, Madera County had by far the largest part of the operation, which led to 61 arrest and 39 of those were in Madera County.  Kristine Sauceda stated that they have released the information to the press and some of the cases are receiving federal inditement.  She also reported that they have 27 more cases that are pending that they are still trying to find those individuals to arrest. The task force is trying to get out in the community as much as they can that the local law enforcement agencies are doing what they can to be proactive in their efforts.  Brandy King asked Officer Sauceda if the 39 arrest that were made computer related.  Officer Sauceda responded that the arrest was sex registration related and the computers that they took had to be sent to immigration to be processed, because no one in Madera County is certified to process the computers.  It was reported that Officer Clark and Officer Sauceda will be attending training in 3-weeks in Ohio to learn how to process their own computers.  At that point they will probably start to process those computers and from that it is expected that more inditements will come.              


Public Comments: Virginia Rose requested more information about the CDRT meeting that was discussed at the August general meeting.  Ms. Crocker informed Mrs. Rose that the CDRT will be meeting on October 1, 2008 at the Sheriff’s office from 9:00am to 12:00pm, and that she will be representing the Council.

2.Treasurer’s Report (2008-2009 Budget): None.  Terry Painter was unable to print the Treasurer’s Report due to printer issues.  She will e-mail everyone the report.  A sheet of paper was passed around to collect Council members e-mail addresses.  Terry Painter mentioned that she would also begin to e-mail everyone the

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