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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 154 / Friday, August 8, 2008 / Notices


(2) Provide an electronic copy of any interference analysis to the third-party database manager which demonstrates that the potential for harmful interference to or from all previously registered non-government links has been analyzed according to the standards of section 101.105 and generally accepted good engineering practice, and that the proposed non- government link will neither cause harmful interference to, nor receive harmful interference from, any previously registered non-government link; and

(3) Provide upon request any information related to the interference analysis and the corresponding link. The third-party database managers shall receive and retain the interference analyses electronically and make them available to the public. Protection of individual links against harmful interference from other links shall be granted to first-in-time registered links. Successful completion of coordination via the NTIA automated mechanism shall constitute successful non-Federal Government to Federal Government coordination for that individual link.

The license term is ten years, beginning on the date of the initial authorization (nationwide license) grant. Registering links will not change the overall renewal period of the license. The recordkeeping, reporting, and third party disclosure requirements will be used by the Commission to verify licensee compliance with Commission rules and regulations, and to ensure that licensees continue to fulfill their statutory responsibilities in accordance with the Communications Act of 1934. Such information has been used in the past and will continue to be used to minimize interference, and verify that applicants are legally and technically qualified to hold licenses.

Federal Communications Commission. Marlene H. Dortch, Secretary. [FR Doc. E818360 Filed 8708; 8:45 am]



The Commission hereby gives notice of the filing of the following agreement under the Shipping Act of 1984. Interested parties may submit comments on agreements to the Secretary, Federal Maritime Commission, Washington, DC 20573, within ten days of the date this notice appears in the Federal Register. Copies of agreements are available

through the Commissions Web site (http://www.fmc.gov) or contacting the Office of Agreements (202) 5235793 or tradeanalysis@fmc.gov).

Agreement No.: 201170001. Title: The Los Angeles and Long Beach Port Infrastructure and Environmental Programs Cooperative Working Agreement.

Parties: Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach.

Filing Party: C. Jonathan Benner, Esq.; Troutman Sanders, LLP; 401 9th Street, Suite 1000; Washington, DC 200042134.

Synopsis: The agreement would lay out in additional detail the areas in which the Ports have agreed to discuss and cooperate to improve environmental, safety and security objectives, particularly their respective Clean Truck Programs. The parties request expedited review.

By Order of the Federal Maritime Commission.

Dated: August 5, 2008. Karen V. Gregory, Assistant Secretary. [FR Doc. E818381 Filed 8708; 8:45 am]



Maximum Per Diem Rates for the Continental United States (CONUS)

AGENCY: Office of Governmentwide Policy, General Services Administration (GSA).

ACTION: Notice of Per Diem Bulletin 0901, Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 continental United States (CONUS) per diem rates.

SUMMARY: The General Services Administrations (GSAs) annual per diem review has resulted in lodging and meal allowance changes for locations within the continental United States (CONUS) to provide for the reimbursement of Federal employeesexpenses covered by per diem. Per Diem Bulletin 0901 updates the maximum per diem amounts in existing per diem localities. The CONUS per diem rates prescribed in Bulletin 0901 may be found at http://www.gsa.gov/perdiem. GSA based the lodging per diem rates on the average daily rate that the lodging industry reports. The use of such data in the per diem rate setting process enhances the Governments ability to obtain policy compliant lodging where it is needed. In conjunction with the annual lodging study, GSA identified two new non- standard areas; Fayetteville, North

Carolina (Cumberland) and Fredericksburg, Virginia (City of Fredericksburg), which prompted an out of cycle meal survey for these areas.

For a complete listing of pertinent information that must be submitted through a Federal executive agency for GSA to restudy a location, or if a CONUS or standard CONUS per diem rate is insufficient to meet necessary expenses, please review numbers 4 and 5 of our per diem Frequently Asked Questions at http://www.gsa.gov/ perdiemfaqs.

DATES: This notice is effective October 1, 2008, and applies for travel performed on or after October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For clarification of content, contact Mr. Cy Greenidge, Office of Governmentwide Policy, Office of Travel, Transportation, and Asset Management, at (202) 2192349, or by e-mail at http:// www.gsa.gov/perdiemquestions. Please cite Notice of Per Diem Bulletin 0901.


After an analysis of current data, GSA has determined that current lodging rates for certain localities do not adequately reflect the lodging economics in those areas. GSA used the same methodology for establishing the FY 2009 per diem rates as they did when establishing the FY 2008 rates.

B. Change in Standard Procedure

GSA issues/publishes the CONUS per diem rates, formerly published in Appendix A to 41 CFR Chapter 301, solely on the Internet at http:// www.gsa.gov/perdiem. This process, implemented in 2003, ensures more timely changes in per diem rates established by GSA for Federal employees on official travel within CONUS. Notices published periodically in the Federal Register, such as this one, now constitute the only notification of revisions in CONUS per diem rates to agencies.

Becky Rhodes, Deputy Associate Administrator. [FR Doc. E818413 Filed 8708; 8:45 am]



[Bulletin FMR 2008B5]

Real Property Asset Management Guiding Principles

AGENCY: General Services Administration.

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17:25 Aug 07, 2008

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