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Besides the passport, Canadian family networks remain, facilitating re-

settlement. “My family is still there. I have very close connections with

them. So I call them probably, sometimes, at least ten times per month.”

Added to the presence of family and familiarity, the prospect of education

and the quality of life, thought of Canada arouses generally positive

memories, making the prospect of return plausible:

I think we all have some special feeling for Canada. It’s like a

second home. I still have a brother who lives in Canada. Besides

that, I like to eat some Canadian food, watch Canadian TV and all

stuff like that. When I come back to Hong Kong for a couple of

months I miss that and I want to go back.

In a transnational social field there is no finality to movement, but

always the prospect of another 12-hour flight and another sojourn.

Consider the following biography outlined by one of our focus group

members, Simon, and his various trans-Pacific moves with their shifting

motivation at different status passages in the life course.

I immigrated in 1989. I really love Canada. Before we immigrated

we would go to Canada for vacation, two to three times a year. The

reason why I like Canada is because my younger brother studied

there. After I’ve visited him there, I fell in love with Canada… He

was in Vancouver. But my wife never wanted to go there. She really

didn’t want to immigrate to Canada, because she had a lot of

friends in Hong Kong… After June 4th. 1989, my wife was willing to

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