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No…not until he retires.

Hong Kong in contrast is regarded as too expensive, too crowded and too

polluted for comfortable retirement.

Within a patriarchal family structure there is some evidence of

variability between men and women in prioritising the economic/Hong

Kong versus the lifestyle/Vancouver stations in the social field. Economic

gradients typically impel men more strongly. In several of the interviews

quoted above, it is the astronaut men (like Simon) who are in East Asia,

while their wife and family are in Canada. Economic underperformance

in Canada gnaws at male self-esteem:

When you are not able to find a job, or earn enough money or

work at your former position, especially for a male, they’ll feel that

they are useless. Some people who are used to being a boss, after

they went to Canada they had to distribute newspapers or to work

as a driver for a living. As their social class lowered dramatically,

they also suffered serious psychological depression. I think, other

than money this is another important reason why many have

returned to Hong Kong.

It is the men who are typically the initiators of return to Hong Kong. In

contrast, after a difficult settling in period, women seem to adjust well to

the opportunities for self-development in Canada (Waters 2002). In one of

our focus groups a couple had very different views about the desirability

of return, differences that led to some emotional disagreement, with the

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