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track that permits passive investment without active entrepreneurialism.

Upon landing in Vancouver, at age 52, he began his retirement,

identifying through his space-time calibration the appropriate station in

an expanded social field for a man of his age and economic achievement:

  • you can’t earn any money here. If you have enough money you

can come. Just stay here and relax…You cannot expect to have a

[comfortable] life, or to earn good money here because the tax here

is so high. So you must have earned enough to come…I would

never think of doing business here. Actually most of my friends,

they retire, because they are all my similar age. All my good friends

are retired, I mean those who come recently, we are all retired


Hong Kong is for making money and Vancouver is for quality of life. Back

in Hong Kong one of our focus group members, less than fifteen years

behind Mr. Liang, is considering the same trajectory.

I’m almost 40. I’m almost thinking of retirement. I have to plan for

my kids’ education. They might end up somewhere else on the

globe. I don’t care where they want their education. For myself, I

really want to retire in a place I feel really comfortable in…I think I

will have to end up in Canada.

It is important to consider some of the potential consequences, if

and when spatial mobility at retirement is activated as planned. We can

anticipate the return to Canada of a population with considerable

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