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Hong Kong in the future. Especially on my father’s side, his family

had experienced brutal treatment from the communist government

because they were land owners.3

The massacre was the decisive trigger motivating migration for some

households, but its impact added force to other motives that had already

raised the issue of present insecurities in people’s minds.

  • because of the June 4th. massacre, also because of the 1997

handover. That was the primary reason. The second reason was

better education. We were all very young at that time, and my

parents arranged for us to go to school there.

For others the educational motive was primary, to introduce one’s

children to the perceived superior (and more accessible) opportunities of

Canadian schools and universities.

It was more for our education. They [Parents] think they have

better opportunities over there. At that time it wasn’t that easy to

get into one of these universities in Hong Kong, so they thought it

would be better for us.

For others again there was an emphatic quality of life mandate, with

appreciation of Canada’s outdoor environment and available social and

leisure services, information confirmed through family networks:

Because my aunt is there and my grandma was in Canada as

well. So my father just wanted to live there. He loves Canada. The

environment is very good, it’s good for living.

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