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Effective measures on ecosystem and environment protection and restoration in head water region and heavy-and –coarse sediment yield area 3. The ecosystem and environment protection and improvement in the River To characterize and quantify the environmental water requirement of the rive channel To quantify the minimum river channel flow demand to maintain a health live of river To quantify the environmental water requirement of the estuary and the measures and policy to protect wetland and aquatic ecosystem protection The minimum water requirement for sediment transportation in order to maintain an equivalence of scouring and deposition of rive channel 4. Pilot project for water pollution control in important rive reach The characteristics of self-purification and waste water load capacity of Eloor reach The total pollutant release amount control scheme The city drinking water source protection measures The effective policies and institutional mechanisms of functional water areas management Waste water irrigation Studies on Upper reaches

Improve the water resources management system to achieve sustainable water utilization in the Periyar River Basin.


  • A.

    The interactive relation of different water use pattern and different regions

  • B.

    Agriculture water use assessment

  • C.

    River water resources and evolution trend analysis

  • D.

    Integrated Decision-support tools

  • E.

    Policy and institutional development

  • F.

    The effective institutional mechanisms and polices for integrated water resources management

  • G.

    The stockholders participant mechanism on river basin planning

  • H.

    Different water allocation mechanisms and their impact on agriculture, water productivity, and food production

Paper III

Afforestation Programmes By Dr. C.M.Joy (Reader ,Sacred Heart College. Thevara, Kochi)

Periyar catchement area should be afforested to maintain summer flow in the river. A buffer zone of trees has to be established along the riverbanks. This will help the recharging of river water during summer season and also helps to attain maximum flow of water during rainy season. Survey of River Basin The entire stretch of the river should be surveyed and the boundaries are to be demarcated. Eviction of encroachers should be done. A stretch of at least 5 M on both the banks of the river should be maintained as a buffer zone of riverine vegetation.

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